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June 24, 2005

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Two posts in a day.  What is the world coming to?  I didn’t mean to sound so downcast in the last post.  It was a real thrill to meetup with Cara and Vicki and Lauren.  Ann, well, she’s always fun to hang out with.  I understand what Cara meant when she said Ann should "bust out more".  Ann is very funny–great to banter with.  I love me some bantering.  Which Granny and I did today.

Granny had me come in ’cause she tends to overdo it in the yarn buying.  I try to keep her feet on the ground and her head out of the clouds.  And we were doing pretty good.  She got past the Katia and Gedifra quite easily.  I walked away to help a customer and the woman ordered more Noro than we could possibly know what to do with!  I love Noro–so I am not too terribly disappointed. 

In other exciting news, both my kids moved up to 2nd and 6th grade.  Cameron got the teacher we were hoping for.  Gracie got a fabulous report card and her schedule will come in the mail over the summer.  Middle school!

Anyway, Cara thank you for organizing such a fun day.  I was glad to be a part of it.  Vicki, it was a delight to meet you and Rusty.  Lauren, you were like an added bonus.  And that Ann, she’s a gem.