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Rosemary’s Little Sweater June 29, 2005

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Rosemarys_little_sweater_on_hammock Rosemary’s Little Sweaters are finished.  The blue was knit in Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair.  The  is color Lupine on sizes US 8 and 9.  It took just under 3 skeins.  The second was knit in Lamb’s Pride Worsted.  The color is Oatmeal, I think.  Same needles and I think it took just under 2 skeins.  The Lamb’s Pride is heavier than the Mountain Mohair.  But I like them both.  Obviously, the LP was much more economical at $13.  The blue will be gifted to Kevin’s niece.  (Cause Ann and Peggy and Ricki thought it was too girly for a boy).  The oatmeal is off to Kevin’s coworker.  It was a simple and quick little knit.  Perfect for gifts. 

I think we are leaving tomorrow morning.  I am not packed.  Kevin and Gracie are though.  I think not flying has kinked my travel anxiety. Owen, I believe, is excited.  I was showing him pictures of the water fun park.  He loved that place.  I am definately taking a sock but need to think of something else.  I considered starting Rogue.  However, that may require too much work locating the yarn.  I really need to organize that stash!

We have internet access in Hilton Head.  Maybe even high speed.  So, I’ll be seeing you.

Rosemarys_little_sweater_006 Rosemarys_little_sweater_005 These were knit for size 2.


14 Responses to “Rosemary’s Little Sweater”

  1. Cara Says:

    Does that mean you are more anxious or less anxious? We drove to Cape Cod and I was considerably less anxious – well I’m not usually too anxious flying after I take like three Xanax. 😉

    The sweaters are very cute but I think my perspective is off from the picture – they look so TINY – like they’re mini sweaters or something.

    Have a great trip! Looking forward to hearing from you on the road.

  2. Norma Says:

    Love that sweater pattern…was even thinking of making one for me! Yes, what sizes are they?

    Have a wonderful trip! Wish I were going.

  3. Kathy Says:

    Have a wonderful trip! You have PLENTY of time to pack and get ready (believe me on this one :). Sweaters look great — what is the pattern? How about BPT from Knitty — calls for 5 st/1 inch and it’s very cute.

  4. Jean Says:

    Have a great trip. The sweaters are adorable!

  5. Margene Says:

    Cute, cute! Have a wonderful trip! Looking forward to hearing all about it while you are there.

  6. Susan Says:

    Have a great trip! I don’t think that the blue sweater is girly at all, but I do love both of those little sweaters. Lucky babies!

  7. michele Says:

    The sweaters are adorable!! Have a great trip!

  8. Rossana Says:

    Have a great trip! Safe travels! And maybe you can bring a few balls of yarn and get a jump-start on some scarf knitting? Or do you want to bring something more challenging? But definitely something on bigger-than-sock needles to give your eyes a break. Yes, yes…I owe a post. =)

  9. yvette Says:

    Have a great trip, the baby jumpers are very cute.

  10. Joy Says:

    They both came out beautiful! Have a wonderful trip!

  11. Vicki Says:

    Have a great vacation, Katy!! The sweaters are adorable. I want.

  12. Michelle Says:

    I love those sweaters, the cable detail is so adorable.

  13. Orli Says:

    Those sweaters are just darling! I look forward to hearing all about your trip.

  14. Toni Says:

    Those sweaters are adorable–the simple cable accent is a sassy touch. Hope you all have fun at the water park!

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