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July 7, 2005

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Kevin and I were very sad to hear about the attack in London.  Aldgate East had been Kevin’s tube stop when we lived in London.  His company, Thomson, still keeps offices there but the majority of its employees are at another office.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this tragedy. 

Tomorrow is our last day in Hilton Head.  Saturday morning, bright-eyed and bushy tailed we will drive all 15 hours back to NY.  My oldest brother is in DE, so I figure we can stop there if we are exhausted.  It has been fun.  Albeit a bit shorter than usual.  Cameron and Gracie are enjoying the pool and the beach and the golf.  Owen is enjoying it the water fun too.  Speaking of water fun…we went to the Water Fun Park yesterday.  It is a very small waterslide park that Cam and Gracie love.  Owen enjoys it too and was able to go down the slides by himself.  He seemed very proud.  He was quite cute this morning with a pretty insistent request for "bathing suit".  It is very hard to get him to articulate that but with the right motivation…

I am still working on Gracie’s sock.  It seems a bit tight for her too.  No more US0’s for me!  Or my mom says dpn’s could loosen up my gauge.  I don’t know about that.  I like the 2 circular method.  I still haven’t swatched for Rogue.  I think if I knit up a sleeve first, maybe, in the color I could know if I like the combination. 

We are told Scooby is doing well.  Our neighbor is coming over and looking after him.  My mom stopped by and he scratched her.  Bad kitty.  And, of course, it seems the district has dropped the ball once again on transportaion for Owen and school.  Argh.  Every year.  3 years in a row.  Other kids in the district–no problem.  Owen, it seems, every single time.  It is especially frustrating as I volunteer to sit for meetings for them.  I have Kevin on the job. 

Well, Owen has just put on his bathing suit and is handing me mine.  Guess he’s hinting at something.