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It’s easy being green July 12, 2005

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Hilton_head_knits So, I don’t think there was a whole lot of knitting in Hilton Head.  Or, at least, I was a bit more optimistic.  I knit a humongous scarf in the Cascade Magnum for Cam’s Resource Room teacher.  And I bought one skein of Rowan 4ply while I was down there.

I started a Rogue sleeve in the Rowan Kid Classic.  There is already a minor mistake that needs to be tinked.  Hilton_head_rouge Purls on the right side.  The mohair in the yarn makes it less than fun to rip.  I modified the hem as indicated on the girl from Auntie’s site.  Many thanks to Claudia for the mods to cardiganize.  I think I am going to go ahead with that.

The_sock_from_hilton__head The sock I was planning to knit for me–might fit Gracie.  What a bummer.  You’d think, with all that ribbing, that it would have more give.  Must have been a bit tense knitting.  Oh well.  If it doesn’t fit Gracie it may be going to her best buddy from MA.  Cakelyn as Cameron used to call her. 

Another pulse warmer was worked on too.  I had worried there might not be enough beads on this pulsewarmer.  I had drawn up the chart myself Green_beach_grrl_1 based on another pattern I had seen.  But I love it.  And it is reversible.  I almost don’t want to give it away.  But I think it will be perfect for its intended recipient.   I am using the Dale Ull and Miyuki 8/0 beads. 

A lot of green in that knitting.  I love green.   And I was very fortunate to receive some lovely green, handspun laceweight yarn from MargeneFrom_margene I absolutely love it–in all of its handspun slubbiness–800 yds from Plain & Fancy Sheep & Wool Co.  My mom has been sorting through old lace patterns for me so perhaps I will find something perfect for it.  Thank you Margene.  You are a wonderful friend, an inspiring knitter and a tremendous asset to our knitblogging community. 


10 Responses to “It’s easy being green”

  1. michele Says:

    I love all the colors in your post…very soothing and very pretty. I love the pulsewarmers and vow to try them when I get these sockpal socks done…I didn’t find much give in that Regia Surf either…I had to knit a lot longer than normal for the sock length too. You’re right…Margene is great isn’t she? Have a good day!

  2. Yes, very soothing and pretty colours…absolutely perfect for summer! I love the pattern that you made for the pulsewarmers, they look like waves!

  3. margene Says:

    You are too kind. Find something wonderful to make for yourself and to wrap up in. It looks like it was a perfect color choice;-)

  4. Lorette Says:

    I like your Rogue color, and the green lace yarn. What are you planning for that one?

  5. Kevin from NY Says:

    i think you only like green because of a high school crush on a hardly famous pop signer….http://www.dosswerks.com/scc/101.htm

  6. sUsAn Says:

    love the green!

  7. Jennifer Says:

    Good luck with the bus issue. I’ll be thinking of you. I LOVE the beaded pulse warmers. They’re adorable. Happy summer and remodeling.

  8. Vicki Says:

    I tried to leave a comment yesterday, but TP wasn’t cooperating. Anyways…

    I wanted to say that it seemed to me that Margene was giving you a big hug by giving you that yarn — a big, ever-lasting hug (once it was knit up)!

  9. Orli Says:

    That pulse warmer patter is really pretty. Up untill now I never really used to like green save what we call here in Isarel “bottle green”, however since Gil was born and since he is a boy I’d rather dress him in green than red…well, i’ve been discovering all sorts of shades that I rather like. I even bought my self a mint green halter tank.

  10. lisa Says:


    This might sound strange, but I googled “fix a sqeaky swing” and your page popped up with something about a sqeaky swing remedy. But, I can’t find it. Do you know how to stop the squeaking?

    This is a nice blog. My Mom knitted sooo many wonderful things and tried to teach me, but I am knitting-impaired. I was better at the things my Dad taught me–repairing a faucet, installing tiles, reroofing a garage, etc. He forgot to tell me how to stop swing squeaks, though.

    Thanks for any help you can give.


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