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Harry Potter and the Half-Finished Birch July 19, 2005

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I am sitting here enjoying an iced coffee from Dunkies.  Guess what?  I drove Owen to school this morning!  His bus did come–but about 20 minutes early.  He had barely started his breakfast and wasn’t fully dressed.  It was a substitute driver.  I said I would drive Owen myself and he asked what time he was supposed to be here–he didn’t want to be too early for the other kids.  Duh, then come back in 20 minutes for Owen.  But there was an iced coffee up the road for me, a Coolata for Cam and an extra 50 minutes at home for Owen.

Owen_potter_1  Owen_potter_contemplates

I should have added these pictures to yesterday’s post but here they are today.  That Owen can be so stinking cute. I am not sure how Kevin got Owen to look so cute in these pictures.  Could he look any dorkier with the globe?  And that face in the second one–I love it.

With all of the Birches floating around the blogs, I figured I would resurrect mine.  Kevin had picked up a skein of KSH on a business trip in London.  My mom kindly acquired two other skeins in the matching dye lot and knit me Birch.  At the same time, I started my own.  I worked on it on my flight to Paris two Failing_birch years ago and botched it.  It has sat in the closet ever since.  I had Cameron Birch_by_cam_and_gram_1 take a picture of me in Birch and I think I have a new photographer.  He barely got any of my butt in the picture.  And it’s kind of got an artsy look to it.  There was a defect with the KSH.  It had some bleached spots but it is doesn’t look so bad.  I am not sure what I will do with my yarn.  I don’t think it will become Birch though.  One is certainly enough for me.

And sure half finished is a bit of an exaggeration…but I had to go for the title.


18 Responses to “Harry Potter and the Half-Finished Birch”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Owen looks so cute in those pics. I love the one with the globe, so sophisticated =)
    Christy and I have decided to re-read all of the Potters, we started Book one last night. It is nea to start at the beginning after getting so many answers in this last book. Also fun to pick out the inconsistencies.

  2. Cara Says:

    Owen looks so cute! Love the Hawaiian print shirt! The perfect compliment to the glasses and the globe.

    Just the right amount of dork! 😉

    I say give the KSH away. That stuff gave me the worst headaches.

  3. Cindy Says:

    funny post, I need that photographer also : )

  4. Vicki Says:

    A good photographer is priceless — hold on to that one!

    Owen is just adorable!

    Love the title — I think you can take whatever artistic license you like!

  5. margene Says:

    Your Mom rocks…as does Cameron and Owen. You have two cool kids and nice Birch;-)

  6. michele Says:

    Owen is adorable and birch your mom made is stunning…I love the pink color in the ‘half finished birch’ too!

  7. Anita Says:

    LOL–lovely! And Owen’s pics are great–such personality!

  8. ann Says:

    can Owen be my photographer too?

  9. MJ Says:

    Sorry to hear about Birch and KSH, which I know is a complete pain to frog! It is such a fine yarn that perhaps a simpler pattern would be better? Like a feather and fan stole?

  10. Owen looks absolutely adorable! Very Harry Potter-ish. too bad about the bus trip…you can’t win for trying can you! Birch looks awesome…Owen has a good eye.

  11. greta Says:

    OH>MY>GAWD he is so cute in those pictures.
    I have a HUGE grin, here.
    giggling at the live in artsy photographer…
    and sheeeesh, put the mohair away until it cools DOWN

  12. Kathy Says:

    Owen is SO CUTE — love the shirt and those glasses!!! Sounds like you should keep Cam happy with Coolatas and you’ll have a fabby photographer.

  13. Rachael Says:

    Oh, how cute he is! and you’ve already finished the book?? I’ve got to get crackin’….

  14. Shelley Says:

    What a terrific picture of Owen! Good luck with Birch!

  15. Orli Says:

    Birch: Your husband picks up yarn for you…modern age man indeed =) that is is neat. Since you mom made such a gorgeous one for you already, why break your head over another one, it looks terribly tricky.
    Looks like Owen should go in to acting.
    I LOVE Coolatas…can’t get them here anymore, Dunkin went bust here. Awesome Photography, tell come Good Job from me.

  16. Mary Beth Says:

    You’re so funny. Owen looks great, so does your mom’s Birch. Knit it if you want to…

  17. Angi Says:

    Owen is too cute! Yea Cam! Great picture! Is that a Denise cable on the Birch? I have a second set of those now. I bought the first one for way too much money, on Ebay, when they were not in production. The needles on the new set are sharper. But I think the plastic is thinner.

  18. Toni Says:

    No butt in the shot!–can Owen come to my place for my Seeded Cable modeling session? 🙂

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