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July 25, 2005

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Where to start?  What a week it has been!  Yesterday was my birthday.  35.  Or halfway to 70.  The latter part of the day was spent at Chili’s for dinner with Kevin and the kids and ice cream cake and the pool at my mom’s.  I received a watch and some clothes and a $10 gift card to Barnes and Noble from Gracie–using her own money!  How sweet is she?  Kevin also got me tickets to a Nancy Griffith concert but we have a wedding next week.  We are going to tag team the day and I will be bringing the darling Ann with me.

The earlier part of the day was spent knitting around the pool at the house of swine with Ann, Chelsea and Nancy.  Of course, glass was broken but it wasn’t me this time.  And the pool was perfect.  I didn’t take any pictures because I was too busy having fun.  Ann made a fabulous carrot cake for my birthday.  Yummy!  Thanks Ann–you are a domestic diva.  Chelsea is lovely.  And a wealth of information on Whole Foods and assorted other things. 

Thanks_mom Friday was quite the happy day as my mom searched through her stashaster and found me a skein of Dale Baby Ull in the color I was using for the mismatched pulse warmers!  Hurray.  I can knit 2 new pulse warmers rather than rip and reknit the one.  Thanks Mom.   

Wonders never cease in stashaster.  If you are diligent you will receive.  A few more pics from my mom’s stashaster…why not?  Renovations are to be made in  stashaster, so excuse the mess. 


A semi organized shelving unit.

Stashaster_books More books than you can shake a knitting needle at.

Bag_of_rowan Vintage Rowan.

Over filled–lost it’s vacuum seal Koigu.Vacuum_packed_koigu