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Thanks Orli August 4, 2005

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Thanks_orli When I got to Ann’s on Saturday, I was surprised to find a lovely gift from Orli of Inspirations and her adorable little boy Gil.  Is that not the cutest tea towel?  And some yummy sweets.  There were some McVities Milk Chocolate Digestives but Kevin opened them on Sunday and between he, Cam and I–they are gone!  But not forgotten.  Thanks Orli!  Your kindness and thoughtfulness are very appreciated.

I have sewn up that little Sirdar sweater.  It needs a dip and buttons.  And I Manos_special_knits_1 have been thinking ahead to the other baby sweaters I need to knit.  I like this little Debbie Bliss ribbed sweater in the Special Knits book.  Googling, I came across a really sweet version of it on SO MUCH YARN, SO LITTLE TIME!   Scroll down to March 14.  Of course, I immediately ordered some yarn from handpaintedyarn.com.  Shipping, however, is taking a while.  So, when my mom told me Flying Fingers was having a sale on certain colors of Manos…I decided to check it out.  I placed that order on Tuesday afternoon.  It arrived on Wednesday morning.  It came in a very nice box, wrapped in tissue paper with a cute, handwritten postcard.  I was very impressed.

Now, I do plan to knit one in the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran.  But I have held off on that till Granny and I go on our field trip.  Yup, you heard me right!  A field trip.  We are going to the Knitting Fever wharehouse.  Do you think they have shopping carts?  Speaking of Granny…she called yesterday to tell me 16 boxes of yarn  had been delivered!  Holy Smoke!  Lots and lots of Lopi…and goodness knows what else! 


8 Responses to “Thanks Orli”

  1. Vicki Says:

    “Holy Smoke!” is right… good thing you have a tab. ; )

  2. michele Says:

    Wow! Lots of yarn going on and a fun trip. Take care.

  3. sUsAn Says:

    wowza…I can only begin to imagine a warehouse full of yarn…boggles my little mind. Have fun! That tea towel is so cute and the live kitty next to it just makes the photo!

  4. Orli Says:

    ooooh ? what fun, a field trip to a yarn warehouse. That Cardi is cute, oh, you are very welcome for you little gift i’m glad you all enjoyed it.
    I love it when this are wrapped up in tissue paper and have hand written cards, makes it so personel. I would do that my self with Gifts but thier is just much more choice on line than thier is here in Isarel.

  5. Christy Says:

    Have so much fun at Knitting Fever. We want a full report!

  6. A yarn WAREHOUSE! Sounds dangerous, but oh so much fun. Have a great time and beware of sensory overload!

  7. Ingrid Says:

    It’s a couple posts back, but go for Brigid! I’m hoping to tackle it in the fall. I feel like a cheater for being listed in your ‘along when I haven’t even tried again!

    Miss reading your blog; it’s so busy here. Hopefully I’ll get back to the schedule soon.

    My heart’s with you on fighting with the school for the kids. My parents always kept on their case for me and it made a world of difference. You’ll make that world of difference, too. 🙂 Keep stickin’ it to ’em.

  8. Loretta Says:

    I have total yarn-experience fainting envy -a yarn warehouse – wow even more exciting than stash or the LYS! I have already been to Granny’s scooping up the new Noro and missed seeing you. Had to buy two skeins of Transitions (the black/off white for a shawl)…Based on your news, maybe I should just camp on Granny’s doorstep! Have a wonderfully fun time!!!

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