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Who doesn’t wanna be Margene? August 8, 2005

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Well, my mom sure does!  She was inspired by Margene’s Frilly Petticoat Socks and Margene_wannabe decided to use up some Koigu from the stash.   Not quite like Margene’s huh?  She used alternate colors for the toe and heel with hopes of toning it down.  Gracie is always appreciative.  Will the second sock start soon?  Who knows?  My mom is working on the Friday Harbor Sock now…

I am working on the Debbie Bliss ribbed jacket/sweater.  I want to get back to the Lace Leaf Shawl.  The kids started camp today…so maybe I will find some time to sit and knit.  My brother, his wife and kids are in town for the next few days though.  We’ll see…



8 Responses to “Who doesn’t wanna be Margene?”

  1. margene Says:

    I think they are rather charming! Unique and fun…that’s what makes a good sock! Great job, Susan.
    PS…you wouldn’t wanna be me;-)

  2. Rossana Says:

    Very cute Petticoat Socks! I like! And I hope you get some down time to knit. Where’s the summer gone??? =p

  3. ann Says:

    can I borrow your Mom for a week or two, or however long it takes her to knit a pair of socks for size 10 feet??

  4. michele Says:

    That sock is wonderful…I love it! Yep, Margene is my hero, especially when it comes to sock knitting. Now I guess your mom is too 🙂

  5. Kati Says:

    I am back from vacation. I have plenty of blog reading to do. 😀

  6. Orli Says:

    Well, aside from that fact that it’s slightly to colorful for me the knitting as always perfection! I can only home that with time and experience I can get to be so good…though I must say, I’m not the most patient of knitters, I positively loath making a gauge and get frustrating with tiny needles and fingering weight yarn, as beautiful as it might be it’s a challenge to knit.

  7. Mary Beth Says:

    Day two of my kids at camp – not much getting done, though!

  8. I love the socks…so cute and creative! Hope you get some time to yourself while the kids are away at camp, but it sounds like you’re going to have a full house and lots of fun!

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