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shoulda, coulda, woulda August 16, 2005

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I may have written that Owen’s teacher–the guy–is leaving at the end of the summer.  Owen loves this teacher.  He has behaviors with the assistants but with this guy–Owen is, almost always, the picture perfect student.  It is entertaining to watch Owen attempt to please Mark, almost googly eyed with the eye contact.  It is sweet.  He is leaving the program and going to do home hours.

Home hours…you know, what we are having problems with filling?  So, I thought maybe he could fill the home hours.  And he was totally interested.  Except he only has mornings available.  I said we would try to get Owen’s school hours changed.  Every team in his school has one 10:30-4:30 time slot.  The slot no one wants.  His teacher could come from 8-10am.  Owen could get the bus at 10 and be home by 5pm.  And be DONE for the day.  No teachers here for dinner.  Yea, sitting for dinner is a problem but I could work on it.  No one here till 6 or 7pm.  In a word, ideal! 

Nope, nada, not happening!  His school says the schedule is set.  If they change Owen then they have to change someone else.  Sigh.  It could have been nice.  And I am disappointed.  But I guess it was not meant to be.  That’s okay.  The administration say we are going to be very pleased with his teacher this year.  I just can’t wait to find out.

And there is no knitting going on.  I went to bed early last night.  Cam’s tutor quit.  What a summer it has been.  Crazy.  Is it a full moon?


11 Responses to “shoulda, coulda, woulda”

  1. Norma Says:

    Oh, poop. What a total bummer. Well, I hope the administration collectively knows wtf it’s talking about and that it comes true for you and Owen.

  2. Kate Says:

    Hi…I have posted before, but wanted to tell you that I think you are a great mom… the kids are very lucky to have you. Also, your school system is lucky to have a flexible, supportive mom like you. I taught autistic children at summer camp for several summers while in college (was thinking spec. ed. for a career) and I have to say, so many parents simply want their kid “fixed” each day at school/camp and do not work on the “home stuff”. I read your blog every posting and I think it’s great that you are so involved with your kids and are doing the best you can to make your family work. Families with autistic children need to work harder, i have found, at understanding, tolerance, patience, etc. having babysat and “taught” summer camp for autistic children, I have seen them and their siblings grow up… their siblings are wonderful patient tolerant compassionate peopl, with a strong sense of family.— i’m sure your kids will turn out the same! best of luck trying to work out the new schedule adn getting a new teacher!

  3. Chris Says:

    Chin up, it might not get easier, but one day you will long for these days. Or at least that’s what you have to keep telling yourself now. I am still waiting for the day I miss the long hours of night feedings and teething. Actually I miss the small bodies I used to cuddle in my lap, they are much too big now. Sigh.

  4. sarah b. Says:

    Wow, it sounds like it’s been a crazy end to the summer for ya. Hope the school year starts out well!

  5. Rossana Says:

    One heckuva crazy summer–but hasn’t it gone by so swiftly? September’s almost here already. I must’ve blinked. At any rate, I do hope that the new school year brings many pleasant surprises to you and your family. It’s annoying that this particular scenario didn’t work out, but something better’s bound to happen, right? Keepin’ my fingers crossed for ya!

  6. Mary Beth Says:

    Darn! Well no wonder you don’t feel like doing much of anything. Hope things look brighter when you find out about this new teacher.

  7. Kathy Says:

    Fingers crossed that the new teacher is great. And that your Fall is better than the summer.

  8. Jean Says:

    Crud. Hopefully their choice of teacher makes up for it. The teacher makes all the difference in the world. In Dept. of Defense schools you get who you get. Because of Daniel’s Asperger’s though, we’ve always been lucky that they’ve hand-picked the perfect teacher for him. This year there’s only one fifth-grade teacher. Works out though because she’s the wife of his teacher from last year and we know them from church. On top of that, she has special ed. experience. I think it’s going to be a very good year. Especially thanks to you showing me to the Circle of Friends program. yeah!

  9. Samantha Says:

    {{{hug}}} It’ll work out. 🙂 Hopefully Owen will love the new teacher just as much.

  10. margene Says:

    Hopefully the new teacher will be awesome! Kate made a very good point when she said you are a wonderful mother. You do what needs to be done and can be flexible and supportive through anything. It’s not easy and you can complain anytime but you always come through. You’re the best, Katy.

  11. You’re absolutely right, Katy, there is a full moon out! Keep your chin up, things will get better. You’re a great Mom, and your kids are so lucky to have such wonderful parents. Take a deep breath, and know that we’re all in your corner, cheering you on.

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