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Take that Margene! August 19, 2005

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Darn it…I just lost my post.  Kids talking…backspace button.  Argh!  Bottom line.  I was reading Margene’s blog and I liked the Grant Avenue sweater she is talking about knitting.  Looked familiar…stopped at my mom’s before meeting up with Ann at Granny’s.  Sure enough she had Jumping_down_grant_007_1 knit it, just not finished it.  Gracie took some photos of me and Owen jumping on the trampoline.  The enclosure makes it difficult to see so Kevin Jumping_down_grant_011_2 took a picture when he got home.  I wrote about how the fish bothers me for food.  Just like the cat.  The angel fish stares me down in the morning if I attempt to read blogs before giving them a few flakes.  And you don’t mess with Angel or Buffy will kick  your butt. 

Granny’s was fun.  Busy on the guild day.  Ann, Peggy and I went out to lunch.  Ann and I went back to bother Granny for a bit with stories of ACMoore.  There was a purchase but not for me.  And I took home some of the new Kureyon I was drooling over for a multidirectional scarf shop sample.

One last thing, please consider donating to Oliver’s Fund.  It is very difficult to be a parent to a disabled child.  But it is even more difficult to be a disabled child unable to get around without a suitable wheelchair or trike.


7 Responses to “Take that Margene!”

  1. Susan Wallace aka mom Says:

    The link for Oliver’s fund is not working, cute button, adorable boy.

  2. Mary Beth Says:

    You could have told us that you whipped it up this weekend and we would have been all ga-ga about it! It looks lovely – kudos to mom once again.

  3. margene Says:

    Waaaa, I don’t know if I want to be you or your Mom! Great looking sweater, you lucky grrl.

  4. Norma Says:

    Cooool sweater. You look pretty hippy-hoppy there on that tramp. Silly girl.

  5. lillium Says:

    The headless mom! Your mom sure does great knitting. How’s Brigid coming along?

  6. Christy Says:

    The sweater looks great on you!

    Can I come over and jump on the tramp? Warning: last time I jumped on one I laughed so hard I nearly peed!

  7. michele Says:

    Love the sweater, love the pictures…I knit that multidirectional scarf…it’s a fun, quick knit. I’m off to check out Oliver’s fund.

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