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Knitting content August 23, 2005

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Afghan_squares_for_john I knit a few more squares for the John Glick Memorial Project organized by Annie from the Knitty Gritty.  Annie had gifted me with the yarn a while back…so I was glad to knit the squares with this lovely yarn.  It is  Mulespun from Beaverslide Dry Goods–very soft and interesting in it’s color and texture.

I have also been working on the Lace Leaf Shawl using the Plain & Fancy Sheep & Wool Co. from Margene.  It’s moving along okay–an easy enough pattern.  However, I don’t Lace_leaf think it is the time to knit this project as it seems to be felting as I knit!  So, I think I will–with no guilt–put it aside till the weather cools.  How does that gauge look?  I wonder if it is a little tight…I am using the US5 as called for.

Non Knitting Content

In other news, changes abound here or will be changing soon.  Our neighbors–whom Gracie adores–are moving on Thursday.  Gracie has always been the mover–not the one left behind.  She is, however, excited about middle school so I hope that dulls some of the pain.  But it is also our babysitter who is moving. 

Owen finishes up on Friday.  I have learned from secret sources that Owen’s teacher will be his old teacher he started the program with.  He adores Mark, his current teacher, so I worry about the transition back to her.  She is freaking fabulous with challenging behaviors–of which Owen provides many! 

Owen has been offered a position at an afterschool program through his school.  It is one day a week from 3 to 5:30pm.  It is low ratio (usually no more than 3:1) with teachers and assistants from his school.  The children do activities and projects–sports, cooking, arts and crafts, watch a movie.  It is meant to be instructional fun for the students and a bit of respite for the family.  I have very mixed emotions on a number of levels.  The program has been offered to lower and moderate functioning students (Owen being moderate).  This reality is hard to face.  I don’t want to accept that Owen did not recover from autism.  It is so hard to watch other children lose their diagnosis and parents who don’t do a fraction of what we do.  Other parents do the work and more than we do too.  I know this.  We are going to accept the slot.  It will be good for my other two kids and hopefully good for Owen too.


13 Responses to “Knitting content”

  1. Norma Says:

    I think it’s a great idea to accept the slot for Owen. It will be, as you say, a much-needed respite for you and the other kids. And don’t lose hope! It could be tomorrow. I will hope for you.

  2. jody Says:

    I know you’re struggling with it, but it sounds like it’s the right thing for everyone — some socializing time for Owen, and some freer time for the rest of you. Plus, you never know what might be “the thing” to get Owen progressing. Keep the faith, and we’ll all be here thinking good thoughts for you.

  3. Samantha Says:

    I, too, think it’s a great idea to put Owen in the after school program … but I can understand your apprehension. {{{hug}}} Keep your chin up. 🙂

  4. Cara Says:

    Change is hard no matter what the age and circumstance – I’m sure Gracie and Owen and the whole family will survive and hopefully flourish with the new changes.

  5. Anita Says:

    The program sounds like a great idea. I’m sorry that the offer brings you that bitter-sweet combo that comes with such things, but so very glad that there are such resources available to you and your family.

    Many hugs with all the ch-ch-changes…darn that Bowie!

  6. margene Says:

    You have been knitting! Leaf Lace looks great but maybe up a size (or even 2) on the needles would open it up more. I’m sure if you change sizes now it will be ok.

    Changes are hard and this time of year we all go through so many. The program sounds good for you all and at least the teacher is someone you know and trust. Who knows just what changes, for the good, are in Owen’s future. Keep positive thoughts.

  7. Jackie Says:

    Hugs to you, Katy…it must be so hard to make big decisions, face on-going challenges. You seem to do both with such grace. I’ll bet Owne will enjoy the time in the after school program, an extra treat once a week and some extra “mom” time for the other kids.

  8. Kris Says:

    The program sounds wonderful but I understand the heartache over receiving the invitation. I can see how it would be very frustrating to watch other children progress when their folks aren’t putting in the same amount of effort as you and Kevin. I’m just very thankful that Owen has you as his mom. He sure was blessed when he got such a great mom who was willing to be an advocate and a great helper, in addition to knowing when to just be his mom.

  9. marti Says:

    I think that i would go up to a US size 6 or even 7. I did mine (used fingering weight yarn) using size 6.

  10. Annie Says:

    A “few” squares?!? You’re absolutely amazing! They look beautiful.

    And, I second what Kris said~ you are a wonderful mother and advocate for your children. What a great example you are!

  11. michele Says:

    Yep…I agree with Annie and Kris…you are a great mom and are able to see what is best for your family and Owen despite frustration and change…be well. I love the squares. Take care.

  12. Kati Says:

    That green looks really lovely!

    It is always hard to give up some dear people in your life, even they are just moving and are “just” neighbours. But still…

  13. Kathy Says:

    You are cruising on lovely squares. I agree with the other comments — from reading your blog, your love and commitment for all three of your children really comes through. I’m hoping that the new school year brings only good things for you and your family.

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