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A blocking block August 24, 2005

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Some people write very clever posts about blocking.  That string thing–absolutely brilliant.  I always get those unintentional scallopy things.  Me though–I have a block on blocking.  Some may call it fear of finishing.  Either way–it’s just not happening.  Just before writing this post I was in the bathroom getting ready to run the water in the sink.  You know, the sink with the toothpaste all over it.  I have to clean that before I can dunk.  May as well get out the Windex and do the mirror.  Goodness knows there is enough toothpaste all over that.  Is it not shocking how much toothpaste one gets on the mirror?  Flossing is the fault here.  And it is Kevin who is the best flosser in the house.  So, if I clean the sink and the mirror–how can I not clean the toilet.  Three males in the house (not including the cat who we sometimes find sitting on the bowl).  I do not need to tell you what that looks like.  Any of it.  Fortunate for me, I cleaned the tub and shower yesterday.  I love Tilex and Scrub Free.  They are the happy homemakers good friend.

We have a teacher coming today.  You know, the thing we are short on.  I need to get in the boy’s room too and have a bit of a tidy.  To block or not to block–that is the question!

To be continued…pictures of a tidy house or two blocked baby sweaters.  Or both!


9 Responses to “A blocking block”

  1. margene Says:

    I’m hoping for both!

  2. Cara Says:

    I so hear you about the toothpaste. I have a friend and her daughters coming today to stay for a couple nights and instead of cleaning all that toothpaste – I’m leaving you a comment!

    I, too, had to clean the sink before I could block FBS. LOL.

  3. Tari Says:

    You’re telling my story too!!

  4. Toni Says:

    I so hear you! Just think how clean how bathrooms would be if we had an FO all the time!

  5. Angi Says:

    I hope you blocked, but if it was me, I’d clean ~ All the while, complaining in my mind!

  6. michele Says:

    loved your post and I can totally relate even with only 2 males in the house…take care.

  7. Kathy Says:

    Me too. I grew up with a sister and a dad with his own bathroom — totally unprepared for life with a husband and son!

  8. sUsAn Says:

    Hi Katy! Your post made me smile…I hate cleaning the bathroom & flossing (it’s on my mind too since I’m going to the dentist today-yuck).

  9. Vicki Says:

    I echo Margene. And good luck with the teach!

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