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August 29, 2005

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Posting will be even more sporadic than usual with all the kids off school.  I wanted to say thanks for all the support and understanding regarding the performing arts camp.  Gracie rebounded quite well and is enjoying herself in VA at the moment.  Friday was Owen’s last day of school and his current home teacher said she would be dropping from 4 to 2 hours a week but she has agreed to come on Tuesdays–the day Owen has his after school program!  That was going to be a difficult day to fill but hours we didn’t want to lose.  We will make it a weekly community outing–dinner out or otherwise. 

It was great to be at work on Saturday.  I miss Granny.  Ann came to visit as she needed a specific needle size–Addi snob that she has become.  And she had a little present for Granny–egg cups.  That Ann–she’s a doll.  I am delayed in posting this picture of Ann from the shop aAnn_is_wrong  couple of weeks ago.  We had met up at Granny’s on Guild Friday to have lunch.  Peggy joined us and was going to swing by the meeting for information on how to cut fabric to knit.  Ann insisted she knew exactly how they would do it.  Peggy was thought otherwise.  Here is Ann acting all surprised when she was WRONG!

Cameron and I went to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang yesterday in the city.  It was such a fantastic day with him.  He is such good company.  And lunch, by Cameron’s request, was at Mars 2112.  Kevin and Owen had a fun morning at Splish Splash.  While on the train and a bit in the theater, I worked on a multidirectional scarf in Kureyon.  I am worried my gauge is a bit tight and it will have to be reworked on a larger needle. 

Thanks_better_pal_003 Last, from my Better Pal–some lovely Artyarns Supermerino, a Valrhona dark chocolate bar, some tea, and a cute little card with a cupcake recipe–the kids and I might give it a whirl.  It doesn’t look too complicated.  Thanks pal.  I have been anxious to try the Artyarns.  Footlets, mabye?