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Happiness in a 24 pack August 15, 2005

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So, something good has come out of the YMCA camp.  While I was handing in the kids health forms, I ran into the local ice cream man.  I explained to him how my son, who has autism, only eats one kind of ice cream pop–they have discontinued selling it at the local supermarkets and the ice cream truck is expensive and unreliable.  He kindly told me how to get to the wholesale distributor and said I could pick them up there. 

Happiness_x_24 This morning, after droppping off Cameron and Gracie, I drove over to the wholesale place.  And there he was outside.  He remembered me and the kind of ice cream Owen eats.  He escorted me inside, showed me where to pay and brought me my Sprinklers.  As he walked with me back to the car, he told me he used to babysit for a young neighbor with autism when he was a kid.  He said he taught him how to tie his shoes (damn near freaking impossible).  He said they just "clicked".  What a guy.  I thanked him profusely and just grinned from ear to ear.  Still am.


I have been working on my little Debbie Bliss Ribbed Jackets.  I finished the knitting on one but Bliss_ribbed_jacket need to finish seaming the sleeves.  I can’t wrap my head around a mattress stitch for it and the back stitch looked ugly.  My knitting guru (my mom) is away, upstate looking at houses.  So, it will wait.  I started a second one in the yarn I got from Handpaintedyarn.com.  Oh my goodness, this yarn is so soft Handpaintedyarn and lovely to knit with.  It will probably pill easier than the Manos I used for the first but it is a dream to knit with.  My fingers are enjoying it and I didn’t want to put it down.

Can you see those needles?  They are hand-me-downs from my mom.  I love my hand-me-down needles.  I have Addi’s somewhere–and I probably would have used them–if I could have found them but there is something about using my mom’s or grandma’s old needles that just feels good.


In the words of Wallace… August 11, 2005

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Many thanks, many thanks indeed.

Truly.  I appreciate all of your kind and supportive comments.  Today is another day.  I may ask the girl(s) next door to keep an eye on Owen while I pick up the other two.  What he doesn’t know, can’t hurt him.  Kevin took Cameron and Owen to the beach when he got home and I surfed the net.  Attempted–unsuccessfully–some retail therapy and went to bed. 

No teacher is expected today.  Swimming at Grandma’s.  The boys to bed and a movie, nachos and virgin maragaritas for me and Gracie.  Life’s okay.  And okay is okay. 


Can’t catch a break–or complaining August 10, 2005

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The kids started camp on Monday.  We Kevin signed them up at the local YMCA.  Gracie wanted to do drama camp and Cameron regular, plain old.  I wanted to look into sending Gracie to the local theater’s camp and figured Cam could do something local through the town or school.  To be honest, I would prefer they didn’t go to camp.  I absolutely love being with them while Owen is at school.  These two are fabulous company and we are able to do so many things that we can’t do when Owen is home.  These can be little things like going to the mall or bigger things like the local aquarium.  Heck, they are happy to go out to breakfast.  Or do lunch at Chuck E Cheese.  And I love sharing these moments of happiness with them.  They also enjoy hanging out at home watching what they like on the television or playing–uninterrupted–with their toys and games.

Camp.  Wouldn’t  you know–the pick up and drop offs are at different places.  Easy enough in the morning but two times I have to get Owen in and out of the car.  And Gracie’s theater is right on a local highway.  Cameron’s pick up is where Owen went swimming over the winter.  Needless to say, Owen is unhappy that we are not going swimming.  Monday he was both self-injurious and aggressive.  He was punching himself in the head and biting me.  I worked it out with the camp director that Gracie can pick up Cameron.  She is such a good kid. 

Today, when we went to pick Gracie up at 3:45pm–the door was locked shut.  There was Owen and I standing by the highway.  He was angry…hitting his head against the door–knock knock.  Sigh.  10 minutes later and employee came up and let everyone in with his key.  Needless to say we were a bit late for Cam.  Owen was still ticked and we were running late getting home.  I tried to phone Owen’s teacher at about 4:16pm.  We arrived home at 4:19 and she had written in her note that she stayed till 4:15.  I tried to ring her on her cell but got no answer.  Oh, was I annoyed.  And I had told Owen she was coming and he was crying on the floor and saying her name.  It stunk.

We have seen some major regression in Owen over the summer with the loss of the home hours.  (We fired the guy who tried to make him eat mac & cheese).  He’s only get 4 hours lately…and that’s been sporadic too as his teacher has summer plans.  His verbals are down, hand leading is up.  And aggressive behaviors are back pretty regularly.

I am half-tempted not to post this but I just feel like I gotta get it out.  I know so many people face far greater difficulties than this.  But I am just feeling a bit overwhelmed. 


Who doesn’t wanna be Margene? August 8, 2005

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Well, my mom sure does!  She was inspired by Margene’s Frilly Petticoat Socks and Margene_wannabe decided to use up some Koigu from the stash.   Not quite like Margene’s huh?  She used alternate colors for the toe and heel with hopes of toning it down.  Gracie is always appreciative.  Will the second sock start soon?  Who knows?  My mom is working on the Friday Harbor Sock now…

I am working on the Debbie Bliss ribbed jacket/sweater.  I want to get back to the Lace Leaf Shawl.  The kids started camp today…so maybe I will find some time to sit and knit.  My brother, his wife and kids are in town for the next few days though.  We’ll see…



Thanks Orli August 4, 2005

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Thanks_orli When I got to Ann’s on Saturday, I was surprised to find a lovely gift from Orli of Inspirations and her adorable little boy Gil.  Is that not the cutest tea towel?  And some yummy sweets.  There were some McVities Milk Chocolate Digestives but Kevin opened them on Sunday and between he, Cam and I–they are gone!  But not forgotten.  Thanks Orli!  Your kindness and thoughtfulness are very appreciated.

I have sewn up that little Sirdar sweater.  It needs a dip and buttons.  And I Manos_special_knits_1 have been thinking ahead to the other baby sweaters I need to knit.  I like this little Debbie Bliss ribbed sweater in the Special Knits book.  Googling, I came across a really sweet version of it on SO MUCH YARN, SO LITTLE TIME!   Scroll down to March 14.  Of course, I immediately ordered some yarn from handpaintedyarn.com.  Shipping, however, is taking a while.  So, when my mom told me Flying Fingers was having a sale on certain colors of Manos…I decided to check it out.  I placed that order on Tuesday afternoon.  It arrived on Wednesday morning.  It came in a very nice box, wrapped in tissue paper with a cute, handwritten postcard.  I was very impressed.

Now, I do plan to knit one in the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran.  But I have held off on that till Granny and I go on our field trip.  Yup, you heard me right!  A field trip.  We are going to the Knitting Fever wharehouse.  Do you think they have shopping carts?  Speaking of Granny…she called yesterday to tell me 16 boxes of yarn  had been delivered!  Holy Smoke!  Lots and lots of Lopi…and goodness knows what else! 


Titlefree Tuesday August 2, 2005

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The concert was fabulous.  Ann kindly took me out to dinner and she drove.  Yup, I rode in Onslow!  For my very first time.  And I loved him.  Kevin desperately wanted to bring a Mini back to the US when we lived in London.  However, I was pregnant with Owen and I don’t think all of the carseats would have fit. 

We had fabulous seats–3rd row, center.  I swear Nancy smiled at me.  The Planting Fields Arboretum is goregous.  Ann and I brought our knitting.  It was a wonderful evening.  Kevin chaperoned Gracie and a couple of friends at our neighbor’s wedding reception.  A good time was had by all.  The concert curse, however, lives on.  Kevin and I have never attended a concert together–ever!

Rosewood_45 Look what my mom gave me!  It’s a lovely rosewood needle by H0lz & Stein.  The perfect size for St. Brigid.  I am almost motivated to start on her again.  Perhaps next week–when the kids start camp.  My mom got this needle and an ebony needle for her Manos throws from her friend Catherine of Catherine Knits. 

I have one teeny confession.  After the concert, at Ann’s, I flipped her toilet paper.