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September 9, 2005

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It’s been an emotional rollercoaster of a week.  Gracie and Cameron started school on Tuesday.  Gracie loves middle school.  She comes home with glowing reports every day of all the fantasticSchool_days_013  things that happened.  And the unfortunate things, like getting hit in the head with a locker door or not able to open her own locker, are secondary.  It is a blessing. 

School_days_017 Cameron is happy to return to elementary school and likes his 2nd grade teacher.  He reports there are too many girls in his class but that is probably for the best.  Also, he is keeping up with the review work quite easily–very little regression, I hope!

Owen began yesterday.  The teacher assistants reports were all positive but the behavior report said he bit the two of them.  Wednesday we went out there to drop off his school supplies and he began to whimper as we turned off the highway.  He wasn’t the only one…when we got out of the car he threw himself on the ground crying.  A mom came up to us and said, "Mines used to act like that.  You are going to love this program."  With a level tone, I informed her that mine was entering his 3rd year and still behaved this way but I was happy for her.  She apologised and said something about it being a spectrum.  I wanted to say, "Oh really?  I didn’t know" but I just walked away. 

Of course, I forgot to take a picture of him and he looked so cute in this little skater shirt.  It was so dirty when he got home that I couldn’t take it then.  Here’s a cute, slightly out of focus one.School_days_012  The district pulled a fast one on us.  They are not starting home services until 9/19.  A decision was made to make that the official start date.  I understand this is important for students in district to establish the classroom setting but Owen’s services are not in the classroom.  Add that to his regression over the summer and I am seething.  NY State Quality Assurance tells me it’s not a good fight.  I can go to mediation but we can’t even get a meeting with the district till 10/16.  Owen is, however, entitled to compensatory services for the summer hours he missed.  So Kevin is faxing the request for that today.  If they ignore or deny it, I am filing a complaint.  I hate to make waves but as a teacher/friend said they are forcing us to.

Knitting.  Isn’t this a knitting blog?  Yesterday I tinked back the final row on St. Brigid.  I used the rosewood Holz & Stein needle my mom gave me.  Wow, what a point!  But the slide on the addi is better.  Is there a perfect needle?  I finally sewed the buttons on the little aran sweater for my nephew.  Darn thing needs to be washed again.  Cat or blocking/drying outside means a bit of dirt.  Off to work today and contemplating the knitting I need to get done before Paris.  I want to, at the very least, start the scarf for my friend using the yarn I bought at La Droguerie.  And I am knitting his partner a hot water bottle cozy.  Or have been planning to.