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September 21, 2005

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Knitting…really not much of that going on.  We are putting the house back together after the flea bombing–which appears to have been successful!  And we are sorting and cleaning in preparation for the upcoming construction.  Although I am not into decorating and whatnot–I did come across a cabinet idea that I am simply delighted about.  Check this out!  I just love the idea of that entertainment center on the back of the island.  We are not doing cherry wood.  I need lighter and brighter in our house so we are considering maple or some sort of light glaze.  And, of course, durability is very important.  We are also trying to decide on the color of the siding.  Everyone on our block has redone their house in that light brown color.  Kevin and I are somewhere between white and yellow.  Bold, right?

Back to knitting…I roped myself into some novelty scarves for an upcoming Fashion Show fundraiser for Owen’s school.  St. Brigid is calling to me…how about the rest of you?  But I have knitters guilt and really ought to finish the two projects long overdue for my friends in Paris–a hot water bottle cover and an alpaca scarf.  I have decided if I haven’t started and put several inches on the scarf before I get to Paris–no  yarn purchases for me.  Strict, aren’t I?  The problem–I can’t find all of the yarn.  I think it got buried in the tidy for the fleas. 


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  1. Cara Says:

    Glad the fleas are gone! That entertainment center is such a clever use of space! I have Kraft Maid cabinets in a honey maple color that are really nice. I’ve been very happy with them. How long will the construction take? What are you doing again? Just the kitchen, or a lot more?

  2. Kathy Says:

    That entertainment center is very cool and a great use of space. Their maple cabinets are really nice looking — a friend used them in her kitchen and it turned out beautiful. How fun!!

  3. Orli Says:

    Well you better get your self some more yarn for that scarf than 😉
    Love that kitchen/tv room unit.
    I’d love to have an island, they arn’t so common in Israel homes.
    I’m working hard on the baby romper. My friend strated week 37 yesterday, so any day now the baby can arrive…mind you i’m making it for a 1 year old, so no hurry there.

  4. margene Says:

    That is a very cool kitchen. Won’t it be well used when finished?

  5. Brooke Says:

    I really like that cabinet setup!

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