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October 17, 2005

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What a crazy week it has been!  The rain seemed like it would never quit and many basements were flooded on our street.  Fortunate for us, we had french drains put in two years ago.  So much damage but a mere inconvenience compared to the south. 

My friend from high school’s wedding was on Saturday.  My sister threw a glaze in my hair on Thursday–insisting I must not show any grays.  And I went in for a cut on Saturday morning.  Liz surprised me with a slot with the makeup lady.  Here’s me all dolled up.Katy_wedding  That’s right before I got pulled over for doing an illegal u-turn.  There was an accident and I had to get back to work.  The cop that pulled me over asked me where I was going in such a hurry.  I said work.  She wanted to know where and laughed when I said Granny’s Yarn Shoppe. 

Kevin and I found a dress at 9:25pm, Thursday night.  We were desperate to find a register that wasn’t closed.  Oh my gosh–a faux Persian Lamb jacket and gauzy skirt with scattered sequins.  I loved it.  Persian lamb.  Love it!  Kevin, doll that he is, bought me some shoes Friday night.  I love them too.  I would never choose such a pointy toed shoe but they were cute and surprisingly comfortable.  We had a great time.  Most of my friends have finally caught up on the whole marriage/family thing.  I am still ahead though.


As I said, I forgot my camera.  What a dork.  There was McD’s chicken nuggets involved and a very bad kitty cat.  I took a few photos with my camera phone but was conserving battery to find the limo driver Sunday night.  My friend had to work quite a bit and I was left on my own to explore.  Kris, The Knitting Wannabe, had recommended a book called Memorable Walks in Paris.  I actually used this quite a bit. 

I had a fabulous walk in Pere-Lachaise.  This amazing cemetery is right down the street from my friends apartment but we had never been there.  I spent several hours there–despite my Jim_morrison dyslexia–trying to find the many famous graves.  For all of his popularity, Jim Morrison was very hard to find.  The grave of Oscar Wilde was covered with lipstick kiss marks that they were cleaning off.  And for Rachael, I Proust_for_rachael photographed this.  Marcel Proust.

Other places visited included a day trip to Chantilly with my friends partner.  His English isn’t so great and my french is worse.  It was quite fun–especially with the dog–a loveable Golden Retriever.  I also visited Sainte-Chappelle.  The windows were absolutely stunning–depicting the stories of the bible.  To imagine and comprehend this was built in the 13 century is just so overwhelming.Saintchapelle It is a shame that I didn’t have a better camera.  After that, I explored the city a bit more doing a bit of shopping and some fantastic hot chocolate at Angelina’s.  While it is more fun with a friend–I didn’t have to share!

Yarn purchase photo to come.  And my latest Better Pal package!  She’s got my color choices down!  Thanks BP!


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  1. margene Says:

    You got to visit Jim Morrison!? Sigh.
    You look lovely! I would love to see you in the outfit and shoes, too.

  2. Norma Says:

    You look STUNNING in that photo!!! Too bad it wasn’t a cute GUY cop. He would have let you go, I bet. 🙂

  3. Amy Says:

    Glad you are back, you look amazing! Hope you had a great time.

  4. Cindy Says:

    Katy?? is that you??…wow!! you look great. yuck!”lipstick kiss marks”

  5. Kerstin Says:

    Very pretty, Katy! Love the hair and the smile. And glad you had a nice time in Paris. (I thought I was the only one who checked out old cemetaries!)

  6. ann Says:

    holy crap! I would never wash my face.

  7. Jackie Says:

    You look beautiful, Katy! And Kevin – what a sweetie for treating you to fun party clothes! 🙂

  8. Collette Says:

    Um, WOW! You look great. (This refrain seems to be a theme–see Cindy. I always feel like I have to post anything that I actually said aloud when reading.)

  9. Mary Beth Says:

    You look SO PRETTY! And what an interesting few weeks your having with travel and weddings!

  10. Kris Says:

    Loved Pere-Lachaise. It took me FOREVER to find Jim Morrison and the whole time I have this French security guard trying to point me in the right direction. The problem? He only knows the following english: “You American?”. “Jim Door”. “Go”. “Right there”. Over and over and over again. I found that guy only by luck! I would have left without finding him but the security guard would have none of that, he wasn’t going to let me leave until I paid my hommage.

    Loved the photo… you look pretty as ever. Hope the copper let ya go.

  11. better pal Says:

    wow, you look stunning!! love the haircut and everything. and, of course, glad you like the BP package!

  12. Loretta Says:

    Wow! Paris so tres chic…a party outfit and a new do!
    Paris must have affected you – that outfit plus the cute haircut have you ready for the fashion runways! Hope the police officer let you go without a ticket…welcome home Katy!!!!

  13. Orli Says:

    Okay, you are as ever gorgeous! really pretty.
    I heart the doors. Thx for that pic. Hubby and I didn’t get to do that when we visited Paris. Unfortunetly, we don’t know any French…we just get by. Kevin buys you shoes…how sweet is that. I’m sure my hubby wouldn’t dare unless he knew exactly what I wanted…yes, my bad behaviour has scared people who love me from buying me things…save MIL, who I don’t want me to buy me anything 😉

  14. sUsAn Says:

    Stunning photo there, girlie! Great haircut! I enjoyed “visiting” Paris via your blog!

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