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Still here October 31, 2005

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Just overwhelmed by the chaos.  The back door is gone and a new slider in.  We are putting in a deck…eventually.  Until they put in the temporary steps, we have to jump out the back door.  Owen is thoroughly enjoying that.  The front door goes today.  I hope there is a temporary step for that–especially with it being Halloween.  We are moving the front door as it opens right onto the stairs and is very crowded coming into the house.  If you open the door you have to hop up  the stairs. 

Unfortunately, due to architect modification error, we are not getting our open family/kitchen/dining room.  We will just have a big kitchen.  The old kitchen will be the dining room and the old dining room will be a foyer.  I am disappointed to lose a whole room to have a foyer–we do not have luxury space here but it is all better than it was before. 

Kevin saw the new kitchen cabinets on Saturday.  He was a wee bit disappointed.  We went with a thermafoil style cabinet as they will be much more durable and likely to stand up against the forces of Owen.  Additionally, they are custom, the owner is an absolute doll–love him, and he could get it done in just a few weeks.  We couldn’t even get someone to talk to us at Home Depot or Expo in a few weeks.  That place drives me nuts.  In my head, I said please let Kevin give them at least an 8.  Pleeaasseee…7 3/4.  Can you believe it?  We’ll round up. 

We got a fab new garbage can.  Really–I am blogging about garbage cans.  Am I stretching for fodder?  Seriously though…I think I could get a whole post out of this garbage can.  We saw it at Williams & Sonoma over the summer while buying my friend a shower gift.  When we saw it we both said–Scooby proof!  But the sticker shock prevented us from purchasing.  Must have been closing on the home improvement loan–Kevin splurged.  Meet our new garbage can.  As Kevin says, "I got a free cat."

Knitting–little to none.  It’s too crazy.  I did buy some sock yarn last week–some funky stuff by Wool in the Woods.  Impulse purchase.  My mom got it too–it’s driving her batty trying to knit with it.  I could only imagine what I’ll think.


11 Responses to “Still here”

  1. peggy Says:

    i totally understand about garbage cans and pets after spending mucho$$$$$$ at the vets with garbage picking dogs one will spend just about anything for a pet proof can. the mantra for remodeling is “it will be over soon and i will love my new abode” hope to see you soon peggy

  2. Samantha Says:

    It does sound like chaos at your place, but hopefully it will be over soon so you can relax and knit a bit. 🙂 Great garbage can! My dog has recently taken a liking to garbage picking, so we’re looking for something a little harder for her to get into … I think my sister’s dog taught her that trick. LOL.

    Happy Halloween! 🙂

  3. Kathy Says:

    Hi! Great garbage can — can’t wait to see the pics of the new space. I am foyer-less, so your plan sounds great.

  4. ann Says:

    what kind of candy are you giving out?

  5. margene Says:

    That is a very bloggable garbage can! If mine didn’t fit under the sink I’d have to get one, too. Murphy figured out how to open the door and we had to put a child lock on it!
    Enjoy your Halloween!

  6. Mary Beth Says:

    That garbage can might be worth every penny! Hang in there – home renovations can be so all-consuming!

  7. 2 friggin hours and not one comment on the pumpkins!!! – look katy has all the creative skills these days, but i thought w&g turned out pretty cool…

  8. lillium Says:

    Wallace and who? LOL! They look super. I NEED that garbage can. The Shermanator is going to drive me nuts – garbage sitting on top of the counter is NOT a cute thing. I, also, am looking forward to pics of the chaos, er I mean, redecorating/renovating. What was up with the sock yarn?

  9. Orli Says:

    I like that garbage can, it’s elegant and I can sure understand the need for a Scooby proof can…I wish I could find a counter / table / small bin Keiko proof. I’m glad Owen is enjoying the modifications.

  10. Kim Says:

    WAY cool garbage can, chickie! Can’t wait to see some pics of how the remodeling is coming. You’re a brave, brave woman–redo-ing the house!

  11. Angi Says:

    That’s a great can! We had to get a dog proof can years ago. You’ll be so happy not to have that worry anymore.

    BTW, the Wally World stash is small enough to ship affordably, but large enough to leave a noticible hole! In other words, just the right size to need to be replaced with good stuff this Christmas!!!

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