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Blogging rather than packing October 3, 2005

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Bootys_got_back_013 I have moved far enough along on both projects to allow myself to purchase yarn on this trip.  One long, boring gray ribbed scarf in alpaca and one hot water bottle cozy that is way too tight but will be blocked into submission!  I still haven’t finished packing.  Heck, I barely just started today.  The Reeses Peanut Butter Cups are packed though–they are not readily available over there. 

I am only going for a short time so I only want to pack one pair of shoes.  Black or brown?  My most comfy black shoes are clogs and not all that practical for long walks in the country.  My brown shoes were inexpensive–although cute–so are not a sensible choice either.  I went to the mall today but didn’t love the way anything fit.  Although, there was  a really cute pair of Clarks but they needed to be broken in.  Sears to the rescue for a pair of Lands End mocs.  Inexpensive + comfy = Good!

I am still not sure what to pack knitting wise.  I thought of starting another Clapotis–going to Paris and all.  It gave me a chuckle.  I could get back to Rogue…Let’s not even mention St. Brigid.  Speaking of which…how are the other St. Brigid knitters doing? 

Well, I suppose I really ought to finish packing.  Have a great week.  I am taking the regular digital camera this time.  Last time I took the credit card size one and the battery died and I lost the pictures!  Au revoir!