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Givin’ it another go November 17, 2005

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As I was trying to say the other day…Owen spent the night at Kevin’s mom’s house on Saturday.  Seizing the rare opportunity, we took Cameron and Gracie into the city.  He and I have been talking about taking them to the Museum of Natural History for a couple of years.  The  Butterfly exhibit was incredible.  Kevin was fortunate to have a butterfly land on his jacket and we were all quite jealous.  Cameron really enjoyed the Dinosaur exhibit and I have a great picture of him assembling a dinosaur replica–that I can’t upload from my camera phone!  We missed the IMAX movie on the Galapagos but went to Passport to the Universe at the Hayden Planetarium. 

I have so many happy memories of going into the city with my parents and braving the subways.  I went to college in the Bronx so I am familiar with the subways now…but oh, how my mother hated them.  There were pockets of sadness mixed with joy.  Owen could not have handled the crowd or the waiting.  And while we enjoyed dinner at a nice restaurant–it made me a little sad for all of the things that Cameron and Gracie miss out on having a sibling with autism.  Even something as small as Gracie enjoying dessert–something she never gets at a restaurant–we can’t last that long.

Always mixed with the negatives are the positives–my children and better and more tolerant human beings because of their brother and the many families we have met through autism.  I am stronger than I realized.  And, because of Owen, I am more patient.  Also, I seldom "sweat the small stuff".  (I’ll talk about the renovations after)  Can I ever say enough wonderful things about the teachers?  Kevin and I didn’t choose to have autism in our lives.  But these wonderful, remarkable, incredible teachers chose to work with these children.  And I adore and respect them for it.

Speaking of respect…the Better Pal swap ended on November 15.  I was fortunate enough to have Emma as my recipient.  Like me, Emma is a parent of a disabled child–her beloved chick, Oliver.  I thoroughly enjoyed sending gifts to her and Oliver.  It is cool to have an overseas pal as you can send yarn that they have little or no access to otherwise.  Of course, I was silly enough to reveal my identity practically before it started…but Emma was a good sport.  Thanks Emma!

The Kitchen

Copy_of_kitchen The cabinets are all in.  The moulding is almost completely up.  Am I thrilled?  No.  The drawer fronts are a raised panel and are so narrow that the cup pulls we bought are too big.  It’s almost too big for a knob even!  I don’t know what Kevin was thinking!  Have I mentioned we went with Thermofoil style cabinets?  It’s like the Formica of today.  Durability and timing were the key aspects here.  Home Depot or Expo would have taken at least 6-8 weeks.  And our local guy could bang them out in less than 3 weeks.  And with Depot, you still needed to have measurements and all…  Additionally, this thermofoil is supposed to be very durable.  Owen can be destructive at times.  Also, the doors are white on the inside.  Looking at the samples–that were double sided–I just assumed they would have the wood look on both sides.  Losing sleep over it?  Nope!  It’s better than before!  Dishwasher and sink are here but the rest of the appliances come on Saturday!

Last, here is Cam.  He earned his karate uniform.  He was so proud.  Cam_earns_his_ghi Oh, and knitting…still working on the Debbie Bliss boleros.  And picking up some fab socks for me from my mom!  Remember when she said she wasn’t going to knit any more socks for me?  I should probably keep my mouth shut about things like that but I am the youngest and a bit of a stinker.  How many times did I save this post as a draft?  Enough!!


7 Responses to “Givin’ it another go”

  1. margene Says:

    The youngest and a stinker!? I can’t beleive that of you. It’s always neat to hear what you are doing with your cool kids. The kitchen is looking great. Will it be ready to go soon? That will feel fabulous!

  2. Vicki Says:

    The kitchen looks great, Katy! My mom & I wandered into a specialty hardware store yesterday and I was blown away at the variety. (Didn’t see any prices — a clue? — so it’s likely the prices would blow me away, too.) Glad you had a nice time in the city.

  3. Lillium Says:

    Actually, I feel overwhelmed when I start to consider all the options available when purchasing remodel stuff. And I can’t “picture” it – I need a virtual something that would let me “see” all the options together – virtually walk about the area, etc. I am hopelessly indecisive when it comes to interior decorating stuff. Three cheers for you and how you are holding up to the remodel. Sounds like a great time out. Three cheers on the karate uniform!

  4. Orli Says:

    I love butterflies. Look out Steven Segal cause here comes Cam.
    I understand your feelings…perhaps look at it the other way…Autism chose you, because Owen couldn’t be fortunate to have parant’s like you.
    We saw the dinosors in England…Gil enjoyed it.

  5. Cara Says:

    Glad you all had such a great time in the city – I love those Butterfly exhibits. A few years ago we took the kids and a butterfly landed on my nephew – he still talks about it.

    I’m sorry you’re kitchen isn’t all you want it to be – but I’m glad you’re at peace with it!

  6. Samantha Says:

    It sounds like you had a wonderful trip into the city! Butterfly exhibits are always so much fun. 🙂

    The kitchen looks good, but I’m sorry it’s not everything you had hoped for. Thanks for all the information regarding the types of cabinets you used. I will keep that in mind when we re-do our kitchen. I’d like to get something durable as well. 🙂

  7. Kate Says:

    Sounds like the trip to the Museum was good all around: you get some private time with Grace and Cam… Owen got some prime “only me” time with Grandma. 🙂 Your Grace and Cam will never feel like they are “missing out” unless it’s explained like that to them, and I have said it before… you seem like great parents, with good kids. 🙂 How is Owen handling the renovation? I imagine his routine is pretty off-kilter with the construction. Is he taking it in stride? Keep us all updated… 🙂

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