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November 21, 2005

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I should really be tidying the house but I am sitting here blogging…and not even about knitting.  I don’t think I knit a stitch this weekend!  The appliances arrived this weekend.  The wrong stove was ordered accidentally but it is fine–so we kept it.  The refrigerator is way too "proud"–meaning it sticks out about 5 inches.  That isn’t going to work so I bought a cabinet depth one today.  Somehow, we have to get this humongous refrigerator back to Home Depot.  Kevin assures me he and his brothers can do it!  Silestone refused to template the counters on Friday but were more agreeable today.  Our sink is causing problems!  It is the Farmhouse and it is huge!  I think we are finally back on track.

Rocky_my_sisters_new_puppy There was also a bit of a distraction this weekend.  My sister got a new puppy.  He is a puggle and his name is Rocky.  Is he not adorable?  I want a dog too.  A close up of Rocky’s face?  Sure! Do_you_not_love_this_face_1

And the most exciting news which is not seeing the new Harry Potter movie–it was okay.  Kevin and I are going to the U2 concert tonight!  Woohoo!  Skybox tickets with his company.  Sure, they aren’t the best seats in the house but they sure are comfy!