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November 10, 2005

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Thanks_jackie I have been meaning to post a picture of this fabulous bag I bought from Jackie.  I love it and I can’t tell you how many compliments I have gotten on it.  Do you see how she matched up the pattern for that pocket?  Fab!  And I found an inexpensive wallet on sale at Talbots to coordinate. 

I think I have mentioned the hardwood floors have been installed.  It looks pretty good.  I have one area of concern where the old floor meets the new floor.  I haven’t had a chance to discuss it with them yet though.  Hardwood_kitchen Silestone didn’t make it to measure the for countertops…so that won’t be installed till after Thanksgiving. 

A few of you asked about Finelights.  These are the grilles that are inbetween the panes of glass.  I think we would just be asking for trouble with the other kind.

Knitting…still working on the Bow-Tied Bolero and started a quick scarf/boa for the shop.  Funky.  If it turns out okay I’ll show it.  Off to a parent training at Owen’s school today and then I am taking Granny Christmas shopping. 


Ann’s got some sweet buns! November 8, 2005

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Ann invited the ladies over for lunch yesterday.  It was good to see Peggy and Ricki again.  And, of course, Ann’s menagerie.  She made a fab soup and salad and some scrumptious honey buns.  I am so in trouble when this house is done–I will have to reciprocate and Ann is impossible to match–let alone beat.  Not to be outdone–that is Ann! 

I am working on a Debbie Bliss bow tied bolero from the Special Knits book.  I am knitting oneKaty_and_kitty_knitting  for Kevin’s coworker and one for the shop.  I have finished a back for the shop and two sleeves for home.  I can’t say I especially love the yarn but I love wool.  I was envisioning it in the Baby Ull.  It would even be nice in the Mandarin Petit and, of course, in one of Granny’s greatest sellers–Snuggly!  Overall, it’s not a bad little knit so far.  Can you see Scooby sleeping on my leg?  Not a great pic of me but Scooby looks cute!

Over half of the hardwood floors went in yesterday!  It looks great. 


Life in the hovel November 4, 2005

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A few people have asked for pictures of the renovation.  I don’t really have any knitting pictures to share as I don’t think I can knit in this insanity.  It is just way too overwhelming.  Here goes…

New_front_door_old_steps This is our new front door.  And our old steps.  Are you surprised that kids were afraid to trick or treat here?  Two little girls dressed as princesses were saying, "Watch out for the itchy stuff!"  Yea…insulation remnants.  I do love the front door though.  When Phase 2 happens, 2006, we will be adding an 8 ft. wide portico.  Blue stone is in the plans but I want to downgrade to composite wood–or whatever you call it.  Our water table is high and it will likely sink–and crack!

Scooby_in_old_garage Our old garage door had been here.  They will have to swap out the sashes when the correct window arrives.  We wanted finelights with the grilles to match the other window.  This window was meant to be the front of the family room but with the architect error–it just is there.  I guess it could be considered the front of the kitchen…

The_grand_foyer Here we have the Grand Foyer!  This was our old dining room.  It was meant to be a bit of a  hallway with two closets and part of the open family/kitchen/dining room.  Those closets had been in the middle of the room and we moved them to the wall.  Kevin and I love hall trees but we really don’t need one ’cause we have the closet.  Definately the fish and gerbil are going in the foyer.  And a bench–across from the closet.  Maybe a grandfather clock–I love clocks!

Glider_to_a_deck_someday Just past the closet is our old kitchen–the new dining room.  Ann, can you see that chicken pot pie I made?  She called it my swan song!  The last meal cooked in the old kitchen.  I put the kids initials and happy faces and hearts on the crust.  They love it!  Anyway, I am a wee bit disappointed with the sliding door.  I wanted finelights.  We didn’t say so and the contractor didn’t ask.  Special order–six weeks.  It’s ain’t happening.  But we can use the light.  It will eventually open to a deck.  Composite again.  I love me some fake wood.

The_new_kitchen This is the new kitchen–it is just to the left of the foyer and dining room.  The cabinets, as I have said are done.  We are waiting for the spacklers and the hardwood floors.  Unfortunately, if we don’t get Silestone here by 11/9 we can’t have countertops till after Thanksgiving.  WAH!  While we did get an apron sink, it is stainless steel and not porcelain.  No center island.  We are having a peninsula instead.  I just keep saying it’s gonna be better than it was before. 

The_hovel_and_the_garbage_can Last I will share a picture of the hovel.  Kevin calls it our studio apartment.    This is why I can’t knit.  I am visually overwhelmed.  When I got back from Paris I had it pretty well organized.  It’s just steadily gone downhill.  But can you see that garbage can?  Scooby is so bummed!

Well thanks for looking.  Knitting content to follow someday…