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Do unto others December 1, 2005

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I love that idea.  I do try to live by it and teach my children to also.  Certainly, the holiday season is as good a reason as any to try to be a little nicer.  Point in case–I had to drop Gracie off at school early this morning.  Packing the boys in the car at 7:20am is not fun but the promise of a fresh bagel helps!  When it came time to pay the $5.84, I found I had just $3.00 in my wallet.  With the kitchen out of commission, we have been eating out a lot.  I scraped together some change, offered a priority mail stamp or Chuck E Cheese tokens.  They weren’t happy.  Not even smiley.  A very kind woman gave me a dollar.  With the couple of quarters in my jacket I was able to overpay!! 

Knitun2others With that thought in mind, I made just a couple of hats for Margene and Carole’s Knit Unto Other’s KAL.  I enjoy charity knitting.  Our local guild contributes to many charities near and far.  For me, they make perfect inbetween projects and are terrific for using up odds and ends.  Lamb’s Pride Bulky knits up pretty quickly and I used Manos, Serendipity and Soho bits I had left. 

Speaking of giving…my Better Pal package arrived.  It was wrapped so nicely.November_knits_004  It is unfortunate that the picture I took of the gifts isn’t as nice.  I am no Cara!  Inside was some lovely Noro–a skein of Kureyon and Silk Garden, a Lantern Moon Needle cozy and a Knit Lit book.  Thanks Better Pal.  Blossom from Whispering Pine was my Thanks_better_pal_1 Pal and she did a great job!  It was especially nice to try some yarns that are new to me!  The Artyarns and Drops are in the queue.  And Noro is always appreciated.  Thanks again Blossom!


7 Responses to “Do unto others”

  1. margene Says:

    I found Blossom through the BP site and love her blog.
    The hats you knit are so cute and will keep someone warm. Hopefully they will learn the lesson of “Unto Others” with our gift of knitting.
    How wonderful that someone came to your aid and offered the $. I love to help people when a problem like that arises. It’s an easy way to pay it forward.

  2. sUsAn Says:

    Been there too rooting for change to pay a bill or library fine…how kind of that woman to give you the dollar! We’ve been having discussions lately about “doing unto others” especially when they are your siblings (!).

  3. ann Says:

    were you like the little match girl of the bagel shop?

  4. Norma Says:

    What a nice story of doing unto others. The hats are adorable!

  5. Chris Says:

    Love the hats! You are a kind soul.

  6. Rossana Says:

    That was a very heartwarming story you shared. Thank you for reminding us to be kind to others. Two nights ago, on my way home from the gym (a kindness to myself–I finally joined and am exercising!), I saw a mass in the middle of the road and saw that it was still moving. It looked like a beagle mix puppy. I pulled over asap and was fortunate another couple of gals pulled their car over, too. Together, we walked into the middle of the road (we figured it’s alot easier and safer for us if other drivers see three of us in the middle of the road at night) to the injured puppy. The puppy fortunately had a collar and tag. She (“Molly”) was so sweet and allowed us to access the tag. We called the owners who came right away. I just hope Molly will heal fully. And another driver said he saw the car that hit Molly, stop briefly and then drive away. I certainly hope there’s a special place in Hades for that sort of cruel person. Molly was definitely big enough that one would have felt the impact, even in a car. Anyway, I’m with you. Let’s be kind. (Although I can be a real meany sometimes, too!)

  7. Orli Says:

    oh dear what a prediciment…i’m glad you managed with the help of the nice lady.
    I have some yarn left from my mom’s stash…I felt I should use it for charity…with a special lable I had made, in honor of Laura Grobler…anywhoo…right now, i’m way over my head busy…but i’ll deffinetly check the KAL out when I have some time for those in beteen projects…it’s sound like a good project to knit whilst commuting.

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