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December 5, 2005

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December_knits_002 I know it is difficult to see but this is the new dining room paint–Quincy Tan–with a bit of Owen’s handiwork!  Cameron and Owen were chasing each other around the house with a couple of little airplanes, I sat down to type out an email and Cameron starts shouting, "Owen is making circles on the new orange paint".  Sigh.  I did get quite angry and put Owen to bed early for a Friday night.  It can be repainted. 

I went to bed early that night.  Thus not much knitting this weekend.  AlthoughCrystalfx_cozy  I started a wine bottle cozy for the shop in Berroco Crystal FX.  Yes, it’s kind of cheesy but what the heck–it’s quick.  Gracie likes the yarn and wants some fingerless gloves.  It’s got a bit of elasticity to it so it will work nicely.

A_hat_for_kevin Kevin is in need of a new hat–the last one got felted accidentally.  I am planning on a ribbed cap with some beautiful alpaca I bought at Rhinebeck last year.  Using stash yarn feels so good! 

I know these entries are boring lately.  Not that I was ever that exciting.  Electric is supposed to be here on Wednesday!  Yea!