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Be it ever so humble December 6, 2005

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Are you tired of house pics yet?  No one is here today!  The painter was supposed to come but backed out due to the snow.  Yea.  It is nice to have a bit of peace and quiet.  And to sit on the couch, reading emails, knitting, blogging without anyone looking at me. 

The_kitchen_early_dec Here is the latest on the kitchen.  I forget what color green we chose but it is a bit more yellow then I remembered but it is bright and cheerful.  The drawer fronts have been changed and we were able to get our cup pulls on.  The dishwasher panel arrived yesterday but we all realized we should have had a dummy drawer on top of the dummy cabinet.  I love saying dummy.  No problem says our kitchen guy.  I really like him a lot.  Copy_of_december_knits_004

This refrigerator fits properly.  Why didn’t we believe everyone when they said stainless steel was hard to keep clean?  Do you see Scooby getting in on the action?  He’s such a goober.

Quincy_tan_dining_room I think this is a better picture of the dining room color.  Owen’s artwork is on the opposing wall.  The color is called Quincy Tan and it is from Benjamin Moore’s Historical Colors.  All the colors we chose are from that group.  I love them.  I am saving my money for a new dining room set. 

Move_over_imelda Last we have the closet in the foyer.  Kevin and I worked on this organizer over the weekend.  Granted he did most of the work–I just read the directions and handed him the little pieces.  I know the shoe organizer takes up a good bit of room but it is worth it to me–the kids shoes (and ours) are everywhere!  Now we can each put 4 pairs in there.  Plus room for guests!  Can you tell it’s the smaller things that make me happy? 

I have been working on Kevin’s hat in the alpaca–uncertain 96 stitches on a US 7 is enough for his big head.  I have to whip up a scarf for Cameron’s holiday fair.  And I am considering 6 hats for Owen’s teachers and assistants.  Someone tell me I am nuts.  But the parents have decided to pool money for a gift and that’s just not personal enough for me.  I can’t do candles.  Or mugs.  Or picture frames.  I think I need an intervention!


19 Responses to “Be it ever so humble”

  1. Kate Says:

    ok, you’re nuts.

    Ha ha ha… someone had to say it, no?
    But while you might be crazy for knitting 6 hats for teachers, it’s that darn thoughfulness that you have been passing onto your kids! I know the feeling, my dad said “buy your SIL a scarf”… what?!?!?! BUY a scarf? hmmph. If you have the time, it doesn’t interrupt in pre-holiday fun stuff (like the tree, the cookies, the shopping/wrapping), then go for it! 🙂

    LOVE the alpaca hat color… any specifics on who/where/what colorway? Would love to make myself a new alpaca hat and mitten set! (already thinking post-holiday gifties for me!).

    🙂 Kate

  2. Kris Says:

    The kitchen looks so great. I love all the colors you’ve chosen. Everything looks so cool.

    Now… go ahead… burst my bubble. What’s the deal with Stainless steel appliances? I’ve dreamed of them for years and now… the house we’re trying to buy has them (I’m so excited I can’t stand it!) and I’m hearing there’s a problem? What? Tell me, tell me.

  3. The house looks great! We missed you this past weekend in the City, next time?

  4. The house looks great! We missed you this past weekend in the City, next time?

  5. Nancy Says:

    You may be nuts but you’re not the only one. I have 1 scarf, 1 hat and 4 washcloths to get done for teachers (and the bus driver, the matron’s scarf is already done).

    It make me tired just thinking about it.

  6. Vicki Says:

    It looks great! I love Quincy Tan (and the word “dummy”). ; ) Looks like it won’t be long now, Katy!

  7. Cara Says:

    Progress is being made! You must feel SO much better about the whole thing. You’re nuts with knitting gifts. I couldn’t take the pressure.

  8. Norma Says:

    It all looks great. I love that style of shoe organizer – much better than the wire rack thingies. Course, in our house it would be a challenge to get people (including me) to put the shoes IN the organizer. Teachers’ hats? Right now? I don’t know. You could be crazy.

  9. Chris Says:

    Its looking lovely! I think I will end up doing two teacher gifts, that is if I finish up current stuff! I am loving the redo. Almost makes me want to redo mine, but it still isn’t finished from summer of 2004!

  10. Samantha Says:

    The kitchen looks great! We didn’t get stainless appliances because of the whole “fingerprint” thing, we went with black instead … guess what? Black is hard to keep clean too. *sigh* I guess we can’t win eh? *lol*

  11. margene Says:

    Bake each one a nice coffee cake…in the new kitchen! It sure looks nice and yay! for some quiet time.

  12. Jackie Says:

    It looks wonderful, Katy! I covet your refrigerator…I LOVE that one. Super colors, too. 🙂

  13. Angi Says:

    I don’t ever think your posts are boring! Your house looks beautiful! We’ve put off the kitchen until after the holidays because Benny fell down the basement stairs a few weeks ago. For future refrence, what is the distance from the countertop to the bottom the wall cabinets?

  14. Kathy Says:

    It all looks great — yea!!! And I agree with you about the small things — a cool spice rack or lazy Susan; the shoe cubbies — that’s what makes the difference. With respect to the hats, I have been considering making them for my son’s four teachers and was contemplating my sanity — now I feel much better 🙂 (That said, what pattern would you do — we’re crazy you know!!)

  15. ann Says:

    you do need an intervention!! get your ass over here and help me pick out the seams on this sweater.

    the kitchen looks wonderful – I especially love the sink!

  16. Li_B Says:

    We ordered three fridges before we found one that fit. Thanks goodness they hadn’t been delivered, but I guess the door swing fit is a common problem. Ended up with one like yours. I love it,

  17. blossom Says:

    wow, your kitchen looks fabulous!! cooking is going to be such a joy for you.

  18. sUsAn Says:

    I’ll never tire of your kitchen photos! It really is shaping up! Great closet organizer too-I just checked out a slew of organizing books from the library (lots of photos!). Best wishes on finishing up the holiday knitting! We’re going the food route this year (the girls and I are making candies).

  19. Orli Says:

    It’s also shaping up quite nicely, i’m really enjoying the pics. I quite like Quincy Tan, makes a difference to white and has charechter imho. Love the orgeniser…I think you’ll be sick of hats when your done.

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