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I feel like… December 15, 2005

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I have hit the wall on hats.  I think I have two more to go…and all those leftovers would make such cute striped hats–after the holidays, right?  Today I am hoping to make some candy using a recipe I saw on SuSan’s blog (did I do the correct uppercase letters?).  They seem simple enough and I hope to get Owen and his teacher involved.  Owen doesn’t care for chocolate candy so this should be interesting.  Mind you, he won’t pass by an Oreo.

Speaking of Owen…his school has decided to put him on PECS.  I am a little frustrated as he came into the program well into Phase 1 and they took him off as he had some language.  Most studies say that PECS, paired with language, will facilitate verbal communication.  Sigh.  I let it go.  Three years later, we are starting again.  I was talking with another mom last night–whose son is on PECS–and I said to her I felt like I am not giving up, just kinda giving in a little bit.  This weekend I have to work on creating a PECS notebook.  My only wish is that his teachers continue to pair both written and spoken words with the pictures–Owen is capable.

The_sink_is_big Better get back to the soup I am making.  It is nice to have a stove again.  And aThe_counters_are_clean  sink!  And countertops! 


10 Responses to “I feel like…”

  1. Vicki Says:

    Can I be optimistic about a finished kitchen NOW? I see a cabinet door over there by the wall, but c’mon — countertops, stove & ‘fridge, a sink? I think you’re in business! ; ) Those treats are about as hard as I want to work at anything this year. Yum. Thanks.

  2. Kris Says:

    Is it possible that once Owen uses PECS consistently that it will be easier to encourage him to use spoken words from that point?

    I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this frustration right now. I’m sure that your worried about the longterm outcomes, etc. Remember to trust your instincts. You know who has the opinion that you feel is appropriate and who’s opinion you can’t really trust. Most of all… God gave Owen to you because He knew that you, more than any other person, were the absolutely perfect person to raise him, care for him and advocate for him.

    With Anna Grace I often struggle with knowing if I’m uneasy about something because it’s the wrong choice or am I uneasy because it’s a change and an unknown. If I stay alert, hold back a bit and just evaluate all that is going on, God is so faithful to guide me to what’s best for AG. I think He does that for you and Owen as well.

  3. Enjoy your soup, and have fun making candy! Congrats on getting your kitchen back…the house looks amazing!

  4. Nancy J Says:

    Kitchen in time for Christmas! YEah!

  5. Kate Says:

    PECS has been v. successful with several children I know, wonderful with sentence structure and appropriateness of question asking and making requests. Since Owen already has some language skills (is he simply working on tone and context and delivery?), it is quite possible he will soar through this. I know you worry about what choices you make for him… you’re a good mom. Do what you think is the best for HIM, not a “kid like him” or “people like this”…what’s right for Owen b/c he’s Owen. ONe of my old students used to use PECS, but only in “911 situation” (like when he forgot he had to pee, but remembered that he needed to go NOW)… it was helpful b/c in those situations, it was not “a good time” to make him sit and think about his words. ha ha ha. We tried that, for about a week,and then we were tired of mopping the floor. 😦 Have a great holiday season… tell the kids to leave yummy cookies for Santa. Hope he brings you some extra special presents too…

    PS_ is that a FINISHED kitchen I see? Wooo hooo.
    🙂 Kate

  6. Amy Says:

    Good luck with the changes with Owen. I have been watching my friend try various programs for her autistic son and have seen just how difficult it is to match the right approach for the right moment. I hope this is beneficial. Have a happy holiday.

  7. Orli Says:

    I want to make my own Granola or Cereal bars. I think they are overly priced and Gil rather likes them…so do I.
    Love your new kitchen.

  8. Rossana Says:

    Your new sink and stove are so neat-o! I really like how they look! (I like your fridge with the freezer on the bottom, too!) Good luck to Owen on PECS! And Happy Holidays to all of you!

  9. sUsAn Says:

    Hurray for the kitchen! Did you make the candies? I’ve made so many this past week with the girls. Their teachers loved them and begged for the recipe…I was pondering revealing the “old family recipe”…hee!

  10. Michelle Says:

    The kitchen looks great! Enjoy having it completed.

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