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I knew I blogged for a reason… January 11, 2006

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Thank you all so much.  Kevin really wanted to sock Cam with the punishment.  But after the suggestions from my blog friends and a chin wag with the principal we settled on 2 days of no TV and video games.  I did ask Cameron what he thought his punishment should be and he said no TV.  However, he said a year.  A bit extreme, huh?  Right now, he’s playing Legos and I am blogging.  We read a little too.  Not bad.

Sewer is being connected on Friday.  It is an unexpected expense but I think the delay on the construction would be more costly in many other ways.  February 16!  Wow!

Dell is sending a new hard drive.  I am still bummed about the spreadsheet–more about the time lost logging that all in.  And the template.  Sigh.  Even worse were the pictures I just uploaded off the camera on Monday.  All gone.  This is the 3rd hard drive we have lost.  I will never buy a Dell again.

The most very good news is is related to a comment dear Norma left.

Oh, bloody hell. That is just too much for one mom to bear. I wish I could give you a Caribbean vacation, dear.

It may not be the Caribbean but Kevin and I are going on a vacation!  Through his company, Kevin won an all expense paid trip to Costa Rica!  We are going 3/12-3/18.  And we are staying at the Four Seasons.  I can hardly believe it!  Rainforests. 

Off to work with Granny.  Thank you all again for your understanding.  I appreciate it.  Hopefully next post I can have something a bit more knitterly to say.


18 Responses to “I knew I blogged for a reason…”

  1. Nancy J Says:

    See…it’ll all work out! And now you get to plan what beautiful knitting project you’ll take with you on vacation!

  2. lillium Says:

    I don’t read your blog for the knitting – I read it because I’ve come to care about you and yours. I must say I envy the get-a-way. I could use one right about now. Why do the appliances all go at the same time? Can’t wait to see the second layer of the house going up.

  3. sarah b. Says:

    Wow! Congrats on the vacation…you definitely deserve it! Glad things have taken a swing for the better today.

  4. Norma Says:

    OMG, can I go in your bags? I won’t be any trouble, I promise! GOODY FOR YOU!!!!

  5. Anita Says:

    Awesome on the vacation–someone is looking out for you.

  6. sUsAn Says:

    Hurray for vacations and free ones at that! You deserve it!

  7. Chris Says:

    Don’t worry about having knit content, it will come in time. Somedays it just has to be what it is. Hoping the situations all settle down and you are back to “norman” real soon

  8. Carole Says:

    They have yarn shops in Costa Rica, right? So, you can, like, bring us all presents?

  9. Amy Says:

    Before you can think about vacation knitting, maybe you need to think about knitting for the vacation? A sexy shapely tee out of a ribbon yarn would be quick to knit and would look fantastic in a rainforest, or sipping some Costa Rican coffee in the breakfast room of the Four Seasons.

  10. Orli Says:

    oh wow! congrats on that trip. Have fun!
    Dell, huh! that’s interesting, I thought they were suppose to be top of the line…all our out of office emplyoees have one…sheesh, I better not mention this.

  11. Kathy Says:

    Oy — I’m late to this! It’s always something — always. But, the vacation sounds WONDERFUL. I’m so happy for you!

  12. kevin from NY Says:

    i just wanted to wish you a happy blogiversary…2 years – many posts – a lot at my expense! love ya…..BTW – did i mention we are going to Costa Rica?

  13. Wow…glad to see that all has turned around…and congrats on the trip to Costa Rica, you SO deserve it!

  14. Maryann Says:

    I’m so sorry that the medicine didn’t work for Owen. I am glad that he was able to participate in a study though. Every little bit helps. We had an insurance snafoo and Eva hasn’t been in therapy for 2 months now, and it is so hard to see her regressing. We should have her insurance back in place within the next two weeks, and I am so excited to get back to work, yet so sad that it will, at first, be playing catch-up.

    Hang in there and enjoy your vacation!!

  15. Angi Says:

    I’m so glad everything is working out well for you! I haven’t been commenting, but I have been trying to keep up. Happy New Year! Please Thank Kevin for measuring the cabinets for me!

  16. Jennifer Says:

    I use Connected.com to back-up all my work on a daily basis. At first I thought it was a bit excessive and didn’t subscribe, but after losing everything on my hard drive, (and 2 months worth of pictures) I signed up. Maybe it will help you. Anyway, Good Luck with the punishment. I hate those calls from the principal. Enjoy that vacation!!

  17. Kerstin Says:

    Oh, Katy. I lost three hard Dell drives, too. (And six months worth of photos.) NEVER again! We switched to Macs. What an incredible difference. These babies work so much better, you wouldn’t believe it.

    Your trip sounds great!

  18. Kerstin Says:

    Oh, Katy. I lost three hard Dell drives, too. (And six months worth of photos.) NEVER again! We switched to Macs. What an incredible difference. These babies work so much better, you wouldn’t believe it.

    Your trip sounds great!

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