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ccchanges! January 9, 2006

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I guess it is about that time…I really need to sort through the stash.  I had some time today waiting for the Autism Center to call regarding the drug study we have Owen in for OCD and repetitive behaviors.  An hour and a half spent on the phone with doctors and research Making_progress assistants and we have some progress!  On the stash–not Owen.   It is a double blind study so we don’t know if Owen is on the medicine or the placebo.  I haven’t seen any noticeable results in the positive direction but I have seen or imagined side effects.  I find out for sure later today–after I finish the mountain of paperwork and they take more of Owen’s blood. 

Our second story remodel is scheduled for Feb. 16th.  However, there is a bit of a problem.  When we bought our house we were told it was on sewers.  Having never had sewers before we didn’t know we were supposed to pay for it yearly.  Now, we have come to find out we are on cesspool and we need approval from the Board of Health to add anymore bathrooms.  Ugh! 

Wool_and_cotton The upstairs must be emptied though and the yarn safely tucked away.  I wasn’t sure whether to buy clear bins or bigger bins or what!  So, I just went with economical by Rubbermaid–I find them to be sturdier.  I am also entering it all onto an Excel spread sheet.Excel_rules   Such organization–not at all like me!


How close do you cut it? January 4, 2006

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Db_bow_tied_boleros I have been working on these Debbie Bliss Bow-Tied Bolero’s for–at least what feels like–a long time.  The lovely lilac color is for the shop and the pink  is for Kevin’s co-worker.  I am, afterall, his knitting ho!  Just kidding. 

I think tomorrow is blocking day for the lilac.  Pink needs another front and edging.  While I didn’t especially love this Special Knits book–I am near finishing my 4th project from the book.  Sadly, the Ribbed Jacket from August has yet to be gifted.  In my defense, the friends moved and we didn’t get a new address till Christmas.  The second ribbed jacket will be blocked tomorrow.  Such a slacker. 

Back to the book…I bought it to knit the Shawl blanket for Cameron’s first grade teacher (a bit of bribery).  So, it must be a decent book–I am definately getting my money’s worth out of it.  I had gotten Junior Knits at the same time and have no use for that book.  I have to remember to take a picture of the finished Lace Trimmed Bolero in Cathay that I knit for the shop and was finished by Ann (Granny’s friend).  It is really cute.

Well, it seems I have rambled long enough and gotten quite far from my original question.  How close do you cut it?  I was running pretty short on the ball for one sleeve.  I was knitting both sleeves at the same time and was left with just about 20 inches of yarn–better than I thought.  One woman who frequents the shop leaves enough long ends to knit sweaters for a small country!  I, on the other hand, push my luck to the limits with the yarn.  Frugality?  Stupidity?  I don’t know.  I was lucky this time.  Plenty of yarn to seam. 

I will end with a photo from the Holiday Train Show at the Botanical Gardens.  Nancy and I agree, there didn’t seem to be as many trains as previous years…what gives?