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I am not blogging, right? February 2, 2006

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How could I not after a fun day at work with Ann.  She claims that I cannot embellish the truth…but blood was spilled.  Granny’s daughter had to rush in the butterfly bandages and worker’s comp was discussed.  That Ann! 

I swear I spent more time today laughing and applying direct pressure than selling yarn.  It all started in the bathroom–when I made her clean it.  Just kidding!  But I thought Cara might enjoy the thought of it.  Ann actually cut her finger sprucing up the bathroom with ceramic figurines.  She’s such a nut but already well loved at the shop.  She is so freaking cheery.  Cleaning with her was fun though–I wish she’d come over my house and motivate me!  I even found a $30 credit with my mom’s name on it–from 1997!!  Finders Keepers, right?

Birthday_and_stuff_042_2 Tomorrow is Cameron’s 8th birthday party–actually his birthday is on Saturday.  We are having a 1/2 sleepover.  Pajamas and sleeping bag optional but pizza, movies, popcorn and cake, too, a MUST!  We did this for Gracie at this age and the kids had a great time!  Do you remember opening presents at parties–mine first!  These days they just go in a great big plastic bag and stuffed in the old minivan to be opened later.  Sigh.  The cake is not one of better attempts but Star Wars is not really my thing. 

Looking for a safe place to keep the cake–you know that Scooby…I remembered the cake dome dear Ann gave me for Christmas.Birthday_and_stuff_045   Must study spelling with Cam–he loves getting sprayed with water for every one he gets right! 


14 Responses to “I am not blogging, right?”

  1. Cara Says:

    She freaking cut her finger? Are you serious? Man you can’t take that girl anywhere. The real question is how much did she owe at the end of the day. She said she was going with a shopping list.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMERON! The cake looks great! I ran around trying to find Star Wars figurines for the top of my nephew’s cake. He’s obsessed with Darth Vader. Hope Cameron has a great time with his friends.

  2. michele Says:

    Happy Birthday, Cameron…sounds like a great party. I like the almost sleepovers–everyone gets sleep that way 🙂 Have a wonderful weeekend.

  3. Chris Says:

    Happy Birthday to the Boy! Hoep it all goes well and that no more blood is spilled!

  4. Rossana Says:

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Cameron! That cake looks so good! I can practically taste it through my computer screen! What a fun party you’ve got planned! Yay! Is Scooby just curious or does he like to taste all kinds of food? My cat Muffin will just sniff, but won’t eat any people-food. My cat Pocky, on the other hand, will eat ANYTHING! Doritos, nachos, salsa, spaghetti, grapes, yogurt, critters he catches from the backyard…sigh…

    So happy to see your post, Katy!

  5. Nancy Says:

    Happy Birthday Cameron!

    That Ann she is nothing but trouble. Gotta love her…

  6. Orli Says:

    LOL. Love the cake…showed it to Ed…despite his age of 32 years, he now has Star Wars ring tone on his cell phone and the screen savor of the death star exploding also…that’s what happen when you give the employees a new cell with better features.
    My phone, in my own…not a company phone, so of the older generation…I just have a nice picture of a dolphin, it’s really soothing…I donwloaded some Carpenter ring tones but they dont sound so good on a cell.
    Well. I ramble on.
    Happy Birthday Cameron. Good idea to put it in the dome…I keep putting things in the ovan or micro in order to keep them away from Keiko.

  7. Norma Says:

    Geesh, that Ann! Nothing but trouble, that one. I love the cake, and it’s making me want to go make one right now. My pants can’t TAKE it anymore. I’m going to have to move into mu-mu’s next. (is that how you spell it?)

  8. margene Says:

    Happy Birthday Cam! What a great party that will be. I wanna come;-)
    Hope Ann doesn’t have ot stop knitting with her finger cut like that.
    The credit should be yours…finders keepers, yup!

  9. Angi Says:

    Happy Birthday Cam!

    That looks like a terrific cake!

    We always have to put stuff like that and bread in the microwave because of Pretty Kitty. PITA when you want to warm something up quickly though.

  10. ann Says:

    you will be glad to know that it has finally healed!! who knew that it could be so dangerous? and here I was thinking that I job in a yarnshop would only be hazardous to my wallet …..

  11. Carole Says:

    I’ll bet you guys are yukking it up there at Granny’s! Happy Birthday to Cam!

  12. Collette Says:

    Ooh, I’m sorry I missed it. Happy Belated Birthday to Cameron. [Insert song here.] And, any cake with frosting is a good cake–yours looks great!

  13. Lorette Says:

    Happy Birthday to Cameron!
    I’m glad you’re “not blogging”! I’d miss you if you really quit!

  14. Kim Says:

    Happy belated birthday to Cameron! So glad you’re enjoying your break!

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