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Blog? What blog? March 29, 2006

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Yours, mine…and everyone else!  Life has been a whirlwind of change.  I can’t get over how quickly things are moving and changing here.  While a modular addition sounded so good at the time–and it is–it hardly gives one any time to get used to the changes. 

Ecd_007_1Monday…the dumpster and port-o-potty arrived.

Tuesday…Nancy arrived and they removed the entire second story–except the hardwood floors.  Nancy was a welcome change and we had a lovely time at Town Hall getting the permit, stopping by Granny’s and lunching with Ann.Ecddropday_024

Ecddropday_043 Wednesday…prepwork for the arrival of the house….and Thursday is a bit of a blur. 

Friday…the workers arrived as early as 5:30am.  Quiet work.  And the crane pulled up around 7:00ish.  Ecddropday_057 The first half of the house arrived right behind it.  The roof came flat–on hinges that they opened and locked.  Very cool.  I could see–immediately–that the vanities and tops were the wrong color.  That mistake will be fixed.  Ecddropday_075 The second half was dropped shortly thereafter.  Ecddropday_102 And the gables are picked up and pieced together.Ecddropday_128

Quite a bit of siding has gone up and the portico is on.  I will try to get another entry in one of these days.  I absolutely love the siding!  Yellow! 


Back in the swing March 21, 2006

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I’ll be back in the swing of things again soon.  Costa Rica was too much fun!  And the roof is coming off of the house tomorrow. 


Home with the O-man March 8, 2006

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Owen’s school had a staff conference day today.  It’s been a fun day with him.  We dropped Cam off at school and ran to Target where he shopped for snacks for school.  If you like Pringles–King size is on sale 3 for $3.  We stocked up.  Afterward’s, we picked up Granny for work and got her breakfast (there was a buttered everything bagel in the deal for Owen).  We have jumped on the trampoline and played on the swings.  I can’t wait till he learns to swing–he could be pushed forever!  His home teacher is here now–making up hours. 

I decided to use the opportunity to tidy and pack.  Some more!  I came across someP1010002_2 kids sweaters my mom had knit.  The majority–if not all of them were for Gracie.  I think the train one may have been for one of the boys.  But Gracie liked trains too.  Perhaps Grandma will clear that up.  Three of them are Starmore’s and I have no idea what Norwegian pattern the middle one is.  Gracie wore them well. 

I have come across so many scraps and leftovers.  I think it will make fun charity hats.  If I don’t post before I leave–have a terrific week and St. Patrick’s Day! 


All points bulletin March 6, 2006

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Has anyone seen my sock?  It was last noticed sitting on the desk at Granny’s Yarn Shoppe in Islip.  The knitter–me–left it there as a sample until she–me–finished the second sock.  Wah!  Someone walked off with my sock.  It happens.  People lift samples sometimes.  Skeins.  Needles.  But one freaking sock!  C’mon! 

In other knitting news, I am back to pulsewarmers.  Joanne–if you are still reading–#2 is on the needles for you!  Then it is back to the green ones that were mismatched in size.  I have barely considered what to bring to Costa Rica.  My mom is trying to talk me into finishing Jaywalker #2…something about them being for me…and then working my 1 missing sock angle.  No thanks.  As I am only carrying on (world’s lightest packer here)–I am trying to avoid metal needles.  Just in case.  All my needles are scattered.  And I am a bit of an Addi snob. 

Ro_blanket_001_1 We had Kevin’s family over for dinner yesterday–discussing with his mom the kids schedule and all.  His nephew is a cutie pie and brought his blanket that I knit for him.  It’s his favorite!  I think it is from an old issue of Knitter’s and it is worked in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.  It has a cute seed stitch star motif.  A Rosario_sirdar_sweater real bugger to knit.  But the finished product was loved by me and him.  He was the recipient of the little Sirdar cable sweater I knit.  Don’tcha love when people actually use your handknitted gifts?

Well, off to tidy and pack.  I can’t believe Costa Rica is less than a week away!


Nothing to show for knitting March 3, 2006

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I haven’t picked up St. Brigid in a while.  Casting on for the second sock with the right tension has posed a problem.  I did string some beads for pulse warmers.  I so enjoy stringing beads!  Really.  It’s just the kind of monotony my brain craves!  Is that sad?  Knitting almost seems like a guilty pleasure with all of the work that needs to get done around the house before the trip to Costa Rica (next Sunday!) and the second story (two weeks, so we’re told). 

Cross_stitch_from_mom_001My mom suggested posting a picture of the samplers we recently hung.  In between the Starmore sweaters, my mom obsessed over cross stitch.  Those little ones were made for me.  The small square before I left for college–to put in my dorm room.  And the rectangular one for Kevin and I after 9/11.  I have always coveted that weeping willow one.  It graced mom’s wall for many years and finally made it to me when we were living in MA.  I absolutely love it.  Samplers and most stitch work from the past always contained at least one intentional mistake–after all–only god is perfect.  So they say.  There are a couple of little errors in weeping willow sampler and I love to search for them from time to time.  Conveniently, the pictures cover the big circle Owen drew on the wall that has, unfortunately, bled through.

Kevin is home today–taking Owen to the dentist.  And I am off to work.