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Nothing to show for knitting March 3, 2006

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I haven’t picked up St. Brigid in a while.  Casting on for the second sock with the right tension has posed a problem.  I did string some beads for pulse warmers.  I so enjoy stringing beads!  Really.  It’s just the kind of monotony my brain craves!  Is that sad?  Knitting almost seems like a guilty pleasure with all of the work that needs to get done around the house before the trip to Costa Rica (next Sunday!) and the second story (two weeks, so we’re told). 

Cross_stitch_from_mom_001My mom suggested posting a picture of the samplers we recently hung.  In between the Starmore sweaters, my mom obsessed over cross stitch.  Those little ones were made for me.  The small square before I left for college–to put in my dorm room.  And the rectangular one for Kevin and I after 9/11.  I have always coveted that weeping willow one.  It graced mom’s wall for many years and finally made it to me when we were living in MA.  I absolutely love it.  Samplers and most stitch work from the past always contained at least one intentional mistake–after all–only god is perfect.  So they say.  There are a couple of little errors in weeping willow sampler and I love to search for them from time to time.  Conveniently, the pictures cover the big circle Owen drew on the wall that has, unfortunately, bled through.

Kevin is home today–taking Owen to the dentist.  And I am off to work.


6 Responses to “Nothing to show for knitting”

  1. Chris Says:

    The sampler I made my Mother has our family’s names and births, marriages, children. I had to take it apart to add my brother’s marriage, step kids and his new daughter. But I forgot to add my own daughter to the smapler. I still have not taken it apart to add her.
    Where’s the 80’s post??? We want to see how high your hair went!

  2. sUsAn Says:

    The samplers are so pretty! I like how you grouped them. Hope you hav a good Friday!

  3. margene Says:

    Samplers are a love of mine and I recognise all of yours! Swans are a symbol of mine as you may remember. Embroidery is such a beautiful art form and to have it gracing your walls, from a loving hand is so special. I love it Katy!

  4. ann Says:

    lovely samplers! have fun with Granny today – let me know when the Trekking arrives!

  5. Kris Says:

    I love the weeping willow. That is so pretty, I can see why you covetted (sp?) it.

  6. Kim Says:

    The samplers are so beautiful. What a special thing for you to have, and pass down to your children!

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