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Done and dusted. Far from it. April 10, 2006

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Oooh…If I gave the impression that the house was completed–I am sorry.  It is, in fact, far from it.  My open house was just to show a bit of what the new upstairs looks like.  We are having a very difficult time getting the hardwood flooring squared away.  Home Depot has fallen short on their assurances of a quick job.  Lowes is trying to pick up some of the slack.  And private floor stores are really pricey and take quite some time as well. 

Upstairs_open_house_001 We’ll start by walking up the stairs.  Two new steps were added as the modular addition was placed above the old floor.  Looks like I will need a new runner, huh? Kevin_and_katys_room_again As we turn right at the top of the stairs, we come to mine and Kevin’s new bedroom.  It is much larger than our old room and has a walk in closet and a bathroom with shower.  I am a bit disappointed with the placement of the windows as it difficult to place the bed.  And that lovely window–the eyebrow or elliptical–both difficult and expensive to cover. 

Kevin_and_katys_bathroom I really like the tile we chose for the bathroom floor.  While tumbled marble is lovely–it was a bit out of our price range.  I think this is a nice alternative.  We need to order some shower doors.  The vanity is ugly.  Kevin took a few liberties while I was in Paris and ordered a very ugly oak.  Maple or cherry were among my suggestions.  I, of course, insisted the company was mistaken and they took both ugly vanities away.  The kids is being replaced with the maple I chose and the ugly vanity is on its way back.  Katys_closet

A walk in closet is a luxury I have never had.  What on earth will I put in there?  I am not much of a clothes shopper….Yarn?  Sure!!  I have plenty of that. 

Kids_bathroom_again Back in the hall and to the left we have the kids bathroom.  This is very good.  We desperately needed that bathroom.  Owen has been wetting the bed since last May and carrying him down the stairs at 11pm stinks.  Woohoo!  To the left of the bathroom is the most exciting room in the house.  Are you ready?The_laundry_room_woohoo

It’s the laundry room.  Can you imagine–all the bedrooms AND the washer and dryer on the same floor?  Oh, I can hardly contain my excitement.  Yes, that is a bit of sarcasm but some real happiness too.  I have enjoyed having all of the kids dressers in the dining room.  I just fold the laundry and put it right in the drawers.  Happiness. 

Owens_room_again Just past the washer and dryer is a linen closet and Owen’s room.  Kevin had it designed with a double window on the back wall and a single window on the side.  I had the single removed.  I know they thought I was all nuts but I don’t think Owen can be trusted with that window next to his bed.  Even if he didn’t jump he might kick it.  We got Owen and awesome bed from IKEA. 

Cams_rom Next to the O-man’s room is Cam’s room.  I wanted to put bunk beds in there Cams_room_again but it will be tight with Kevin’s windows again.  Sigh.  A trundle if nothing else–the kid is desperate for someone–other than Owen–to sleep in his room.

Gracies_room Gracie chose the largest room in the house (next to ours in place and size).  Sleeping in the basement with her brothers has lost its novelty and we moved her up to her room.  Hopefully the hardwood gets installed next week.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Inspections went well today.  Things are moving along.  Not nearly as fast as we thought but steady enough.  Very little knitting but I can hardly find it in the midst of this chaos.


13 Responses to “Done and dusted. Far from it.”

  1. Nancy Says:

    I love it! It’s going to look amazing with the floors in.

    I wish my washer and dryer were upstairs. I am ridiculously jealous.

  2. Nancy Says:

    Ooh I just clicked the Ikea link. We almost got that exact bed for Ian but he was still a bit too young for a loft. I love it so much, I wish they had one big enough for me;)

  3. Kris Says:

    This is so cool. Everything looks great.

  4. Collette Says:

    Everything looks good. I’m sorry you’re having to slog through all the contractor crap. When I saw the outside of the house, I actually said Holy Crap! out loud. (Holy Crap in a good way–it looks amazing. And to think they just plopped that 2nd story up there. Wild. I digress.) Hang in there!

  5. margene Says:

    It just goes to show that no one knows what is happening on the inside when the outside looks so good;-)

  6. Vicki Says:

    Wow! SO COOL!!

    Gracie looks like she’s been living in there for weeks! (What’s that pillow/pillowcase design? Looks like a sampler from way over here…)

  7. Carole Says:

    Very exciting and it all looks lovely. Kevin must have lived in a basement in his former life, huh? He sure does love his windows! They may makes things difficult but they do look beautiful.

  8. Kathy Says:

    Looks beautiful! So airy and sunny (and you’ll find a place for the bed!)

  9. ann Says:

    looking good doll!

  10. Kate Says:

    Katy- it looks great! All the kids must be ecstatic about having their own rooms (Gracie especially! what’s her “theme” going to be?). I would have done the same thing with O’s window, it is too much of a hazard.

    🙂 Kate

  11. Orli Says:

    Oh wow, it will all be grand when it’s done. Yeah, Gracie needs her privacy.
    I love the floors in both your bathrooms and I think the the arched window is awesome and in general love the size of the windows even though I understand your prediciment.
    The bed for Owen is coo. We went to Ikea looking for a bed for Gil, but I don’t feel safe putting him in bunk bed and I didn’t like the toddler beds they had. I’m looking for a solid bed, I don’t want none of that “futon” system…the wood tends to break from my expirence.

  12. Cara Says:

    The house is all coming together! When it’s all done I hope you’re so so happy. House stuff is always such a trial. It looks great though – I love the yellow!

  13. Rhonda Says:

    Your house looks amazing! I’m loving your paint colors – you make me want to pick up a brush and start painting! I have those little eyebrow windows too, and I’ve discovered an inexpensive way to somewhat cover them. Buy two paper shades (Home Depot has them)that have a width 1/2 of what your window is. Line up the bottoms and arch the shades to meet in the middle, then clip with clear fasteners. It helps filter some of the light and give you some privacy… good luck with the rest of the renovations–

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