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Are you tired of house pictures? April 24, 2006

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Crappy_photo_of_baby_blanket It might just have to be too bad because this was the best picture I was able to get of the baby blanket I am working on.  There are a few little flaws design changes to the patterns.  Modifying it to work with the worsted weight sometimes screws up the square.  It will sew up fine no doubt.  You know, I love cable ply yarn but the little knots drive me crazy.  The big knots I can deal with.  Why do they do that?  Tell me you know what I mean! 

Painting is finished.  Well mostly.  The contractors didn’t install all of the moulding–anticipatingGracies_relaxing_spring_rain  the floors being done.  So it looks like Kevin and I will be doing some last minute painting sometime soon.  We’ll start with Gracie’s room.  I just love her color.  Spring Rain is so soothing. 

Owens_overpowering_tidal_wave Owen’s room is a little brighter than I would like–especially given the small size.  It is, however, similar in color to his old room and I think that will give him some comfort.   He has been resisting going to bed (in the basement) before Cameron.  "I want Cam."  "Jammas"  "Cam, good night."  Poor thing is not going to like being on his own.

Compromise_with_cam As I mentioned, Cameron wanted dark green.  We compromised and did half the wall the dark green.  The top half is an off white and we bought a chair railHalf_green_half_not_green  that will be painted white too.  Cameron is happy enough.  Although, the picture I showed him online had vertical panels on the wall below the chair rail–he wants that too.  No way!

Marblehead_gold_may_be_too_strong The orange ceiling in our room has been painted white.  And the gold looks a bit better on it’s own.  I can’t say I love it but it isn’t always just about me, right?  I think with our cherry colored bedroom set and this pretty blue linen Pottery Barn duvet I have stored away–I am looking forward to moving up there.

The hallway was meant to be Monroe Bisque–like the downstairs but the painter misread his Uh_oh_this_was_supposed_to_be_montgomery notes and painted it Wales Green–which is in the kids hallway bathroom.  Again, not thrilled with the Wales Green (in the bathroom as the hallway has been repainted).  It looked a lot lighter on the color chip.  But doesn’t it Wales_green_looked_less_brite_on_the_chi always?  We are planning to put up some wainscotting in that bathroom so it should dull some of the brightness!  And the kids are digging the Hawaiian/surf theme we have decided on for their bathroom.  Crosses gender borders–you know?  Have to try to make them all happy.

I guess I will get back to my knitting.  Thanks for stopping by.


17 Responses to “Are you tired of house pictures?”

  1. Vicki Says:

    What a great tour, Katy! Thanks! It’s all looking great. I don’t have a blue room in my house, but I LOVE the color of Gracie’s room. The white ceiling looks very nice in your bedroom, too. It will all be over soon. ; )

  2. Carole Says:

    I like the yellow walls in your bedroom much better with a traditional white ceiling!

  3. margene Says:

    It’s starting to look very cool! Love the color and even those you don’t like so much are neat. Gracie’s room is the color I want my bedroom to be. Things are coming together well!

  4. Kathy Says:

    I love it all! The gold in your room looks great with the big window. So pretty!

  5. Nancy Says:

    The color in Owen’s room is exactly the color I picked the first time I painted my room when I was a teenager and I love the compromise in Cam’s room. It looks fantastic.

    You’re giving me flashbacks with those squares. Acouple of years ago I put together 2 blankets we has made at work I will never, ever do that again.

  6. michele Says:

    I love the colors and I love that you made the kids’ selections still their own while keeping it liveable…I agree about the blue…my son’s room is blue and it’s so soothing.

    take care. and thanks for sharing.

  7. Carol Says:

    You can never do enough house pictures. The colors are magnificent. It is sort of like the book “who moved the cheese?” You will love it too. Change is good; change is healthy. Enjoy your new look.

  8. Maryann Says:

    Katy, I love seeing your house pictures! I just put up a blog, it’s http://knitpurlfrog.blogspot.com/

    Where is your autism button? Can you email it to me, I want to put it up on my blog!

    Thanks, and take care!

  9. Tish Says:

    Love the colors that the kids picked. Cam really picked a sophisticated color. Does he have plaid bedding to go with it? Your bedroom is almost the color of my kitchen in my old house. Whe the sun came in the window the walls took on a rich glow. I loved it. I got a bed, bath and beyond flyer today and all of their surf bath accessories (shower curtains, towels, toothbrush holders, etc) are on sale. I may pick up some for the blue bathroom my boys share. I love how the blanket is coming along.

  10. Karen Says:

    I love seeing photos of your home. The progress seems very fast to me. The colors are so cheerful! The Hawaiian/surf themed bathroom will be great. My cousin did fish for her kids bathroom and they love it.
    The baby blanket looks lovely. I can imagine a baby touching all the textures and loving the feeling.

  11. Kim Says:

    I love the colors! Your home is so lovely, Katy—you guys are doing a great job!

  12. Linda Says:

    I think it looks amazing and I think with all of the rich colors you will be able to be very flexible with the decor. Love the blanket too!

  13. ann Says:

    I think it all looks terrific!

  14. Orli Says:

    I’m not familiar with two terms: Rail Chair and Wainscotting.
    I love Cams room and Owen’s room, color is awesome.
    The blanket is gorgeous.

  15. William wanted his room painted RED. Seriously. So we did–three red walls, one the color of chocolate milk. He loves it. The other DS wanted teal–so three teal and one chocolate milk. When (if?) they move out, I can paint them sage or something soothing like that.

  16. Peeve Says:

    The colours are lovely – and I have to admit I like the Wales Green!

  17. Katherine Says:

    I like all of it, although I would be with you on the gold walls in your bedroom. Maybe next time you paint you can choose something you like.

    The colors always come out darker and more intense on the wall–something my DH & kids didn’t realize when they painted their room green and the hall purple–the purple was for me, but it was way too intense–it was like being inside an easter egg!

    That bed should help Owen deal with sleeping alone–it should feel nice and safe and snug for him.

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