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I got a Granny on my back May 1, 2006

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Geesh, she is emailing me and telling me to blog about something new.  Really, very little in the knitting dept.  I was stalled on my blanket as I really needed to draw it up on paper.  I tried a couple of times but it is hard to erase color pencil and crayon.  Next I cut up squares and colored them individually but was overwhelmed by the need to have 36 squares divided by 4 different colorways.  9 squares each then of white, dark blue, light blue and mixed.  So then I just labeled the squares with W and S for stripe.  This process is making me crazy.

Speaking of crazy…Scooby has been puking.  He’s going to the vet tomorrow.  I read it is often related to hairballs.  He’s not himself though.  Gracie also rejected her first real date inquiry.  The kid’s a freaking cutie.  I told her how I respect her ability to be honest and not just nice.  I didn’t learn that lesson till after college, I think.  But I am still sad for this cute, totally adorable shy little boy.  Little–ha!  He’s a year older than her!