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June 13, 2006

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Today will be spent waiting around for the delivery of shower doors.  One step closer to bathing in my own bathroom.  Installation, of course, is 1-2 weeks away.  Sigh.  But we are getting there.  We failed both the plumbing and AC inspection.  But just little stuff that could be mended quite easily.  If the contractors showed up…Just saying.

So, today I will do laundry.  Schlepping down to the basement now rots worse than ever.  If the contractors don’t carry the washer and dryer up to the new laundry room–how the heck will we ever get them up there?  Buy new?  I also need to prune my dear weeping cherry.  It hat a bit of a fungus and lost some life.  Hope springs eternal, right?  Live on little tree.

There is a bracelet to work on.  A baby blanket that really ought to be seamed  but doesn’t need to be gifted until August.  And a baby sweater on the needles for a friend.  I completely forgot about my best friends baby’s birthday.  She remembers every birthday and BOTH of my anniversaries.  I suck.  It is another one of the Rosemary’s Sweaters I have knit.  I am doing it in Lamb’s Pride and it looks pretty cute.  Pictures…hmm…maybe later.

Oh, Scooby has recovered from his cold.  All on his own.  Granny suggested a Vicks Vapor Steam–putting a towel over his head.  She’s a nut!  But his clock is off and he is back to waking us up at 4am for food.  Oh, and that puking–I think it was due to me moving his feedings to like 9am and 6pm.  He’s a dork!