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Finding time to blog or knit or June 23, 2006

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clean or cook… 

Today is the last day of school.  Well, that’s if you consider one hour a day.  Yesterday was nuts.  Floor got finished, shower doors picked up and dropped off, and the contractors.  They requested final payment yesterday and were a little annoyed when I said, um…no way!  Not until the house is finished.  My fence is still broken from where they dropped bricks from the chimney–in March!  And mouldings in the kids bathroom aren’t complete.  I shouldn’t even get started on the bathroom vanities.  UGH!  AND!  They have the audacity to charge $900 for closing up that one window in Owen’s room.  My mom thinks I should contact Consumer Affairs for price gouging.

To top it off, Gracie got her thumb stuck in the automatic sliding door of the minivan.  We have a Toyota Sienna and the retraction sucks!  I was always afraid of someone getting hurt.  We have made it 6  years…but still.  She was so brave though.  Kevin was out of town so getting to the ER would have been difficult at best.  She says it feels better although I offered to take her to the doctor today.  We’ll see…

Thank you for all of the kind one worder’s.  You all sure know how to make a chick feel good.  Have a terrific weekend.  Maybe I will find something blogworthy to post.  I did start and restart and restart again an EZ/Meg Best Baby Sweater Ever using stash.  Oh yea, stash…I joined the Summer of Stash.


11 Responses to “Finding time to blog or knit or”

  1. sUsAn Says:

    Poor Gracie! Hope the thumb is better today. Happy end of school to you guys!

  2. Nancy Says:

    Man my thumb hurts just thinking about it. Tell Gracie I hope she feels better.

    Stand your ground with the contractor it’s ridiculous that they asked for the final payment with all that crap left to do.

    What are Gracie and Cam doing for the summer?

  3. Vicki Says:

    Those things will never get fixed if you pay them, but sounds like you already know that! Put it in writing and check it off — doesn’t have to be fancy — so everyone knows what needs to be done and nothing gets forgotten.

    A kiss to make it better for Gracie’s thumb! ; )

  4. Carole Says:

    You’re absolutely right in not paying the contractor until the work is done to your satisfaction.
    Good luck with finding time to do anything for yourself during summer vacation!

  5. margene Says:

    Stick to your guns and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to call comsumer affairs.
    Maybe they will work harder for finish so they can get paid. And you might think of telling them you’re unhappy and you might call and complain. That might drop the price a bit, too.

    Hope you survive the summer of stash;-)

  6. Norma Says:

    Take it from someone who has BEEN THERE. DO NOT PAY THEM THE FINAL BIT, and make sure it’s enough to sting (because they will gladly walk off from $500 or some such, and you’ll never hear from them again) until EVERYTHING is done. Because they hate, hate, HATE going back to finish things and to repair things that they broke or whatever. They’ve already taken the big deposit on the next job and that next person is already demanding that they get going on their job, and ….. well, you already know, it sounds like. Geesh. Talk about old wounds, eh? 😀

  7. Maryann Says:

    Good for you for not paying them! I hope Gracie’s thumb feels better soon!

  8. Carol Says:

    Oooooooooo poor Gracie. That was always my biggest fear. Hope she is better today.

  9. Orli Says:

    Man oh man! what is it with contractors!!! You know you are not alone in this, I keep hearing from so many other American friends, about trouble they are having with contractors. I fear what will I have to face this August when we fix out patio. (We need to have to floor lifted sand replaced and new insulation installed)
    Ooooh, poor Gracie…that sucks, but most likely it’s okay, fingers are very sturdy, I had a horse tred on my foot once and nothing happened to it, I was only wearing my rubber riding boots…or maybe canves shoes, I can’t remember which I had at the time.

  10. ann Says:

    poor Gracie!! hope to see you soon!

  11. Mary Beth Says:

    Clean – no way. Cook – order out. These final days of school are not for the faint of heart. I think I have had enough “celebrations” thank you very much. Hang in there…

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