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the stash runneth over June 27, 2006

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Stashaster_of_my_own_doing I have yet to catalog this mess of yarn.  Can’t imagine why, right?  UGH!  And have I been knitting?  No!  I lost the pattern for the baby sweater I was knitting in Lamb’s Pride.  And I have guilted myself into knitting bracelets for all of Owen’s teachers–all 7 of them–not to mention the coordinator and shouldn’t I also knit one for the nurse?  I don’t expect to give them all out on Friday–his last day of school–but I have requested everyone’s favorite color.  If I knit them for Cameron and Gracie’s teachers, shouldn’t I knit them for Owen’s?  They work so hard for very little money.  And we don’t have as much to give this year because of all of the construction. 

We are not going to Hilton Head on vacation this year.  With the change in Owen’s school building and transition plan to this classroom–we can’t coordinate it all.  Kevin will be taking next week off so we hope to have some fun. 

Any suggestions for stash organization?  I have already organized about 4 big bins worth.  Sigh.


12 Responses to “the stash runneth over”

  1. Carole Says:

    I have no organization suggestions. I keep most of my yarn on open shelves. The shelves are sorted according to yarn type but that’s about it.

  2. Nancy J Says:

    Looks like you need some book shelves/bins…kinda like entertainment center idea….Kevin can put one of those together without too much effort! Really!

  3. Marina Says:

    As long as they all can fit into the various cupboards and 18 gal. Rubbermaids without having to duck tape anything shut, I’m happy. All I have to know is where the 2 ply, jumper weight Shetland is 😉

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Wish I had an organizational idea…I do love the color of that room though…just lovely!

  5. Vicki Says:

    I’m nearly to the point where the best option of organization seems to be a dumpster… Ugh. I’m no help!

    I hope you guys manage to find some fun next week!!

    P.S. Love the color of that room. ; )

  6. margene Says:

    At this point I’d just stuff it in a closet and call it good. Have fun instead!!

  7. charisse Says:

    Hey….. Thanks for the comment. Im really excited….
    Did you get the new bed? Wink Wink….

  8. lynette Says:

    wow! that was so nice of you to make the teacher gifts. my son tried to guilt me into knitting for his teachers last year, but it didn’t work. maybe it’ll happen this year.

  9. ann Says:

    I love that color too! where is that room?

  10. Orli Says:

    I stick my humble yarn collection where ever I find some space…but I like how Alison of Blueblog (glass door cabinet from Ikea) keeps her yarn.
    I would sort it by fiber (cotton, wool, blend…if it’s still to big a pile than my weight, DK, Lace, etc.,) and put it in either draws or closet w/ draws…or one of those plastic type storage cart like this:

  11. Nancy Says:

    Get a bureau and shove it all in like I did. Then you don’t have to see how disorganized it is, hell you might even know which drawer to find something in.

    I’m feeling very guilty for not getting gifts for Ian’s speech teacher, OT teacher and the school nurse (I got gift cards for the teacher and 2 paras). Thankfully I still have six weeks of summer school to rectify that.

    We’re such softies you and I;)

  12. Patty Bolgiano Says:

    Storeage of yarn. Right now I have it in clear plastic containers in both my yarn closet and in my studio. Eventually I want a set up where it is very much like a yarn store. I want it out in the open so I can see it, touch it, play with it— you get the idea. Maybe cubes of some sort…still working on it.

    I also have an idea of bookcases with the lower half little closets doors. That way I can put items away (books, extra needles etc) once I figure it all out I’ll send you a picture.


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