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Thwarted… July 5, 2006

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in my attempts to use stash yarn.  I started a little baby sweater using an old EZ/Meg pattern from Vogue and it just isn’t working with my 501 yarn.  And from the looks of that shade card–my yellow is discontinued.  What to do with just over 500 yards of DK.

My second attempt was to get back to pulsewarmers.  First attempt, chart is lost.  Oh mom…can I please have a copy of the ladies enjoying themselves pulsewarmers?  And no needles available for the other pair.  How many size 0’s should one have in their possession?

Brea_berroco_bag I have been working on a cute bag for the shop.  I am using a purple and the yarn is just heaven to work with.  I have knit with plenty of alpaca but this just feels so smooth going through my fingers.  I have had one other experience like that…that buttery feeling…Handpainted Yarns.

We have been enjoying have Kevin at home.  Lots of little projects are being done around the house.  Unfortunately not as much fun as we hoped–Cameron is wheezing something fierce.  Our doctor’s office is closed till tomorrow.  He hasn’t wheezed like this since he was a baby in London and they called him a "Happy Wheezer".  He’s an unhappy wheezer right now.

Moving Owen out on Friday went quite smoothly.  I had told him he would be saying goodbye to his teachers and friends.  He repeated me as we went through the names, "Bye Raine, bye Kim, bye Meg…"  Well he took his goodbye to Meg quite seriously.  When I arrived to pick him up I was told he and Meg had been affectionate all day long hugging and holding hands.  Sure enough, I saw them sitting in a little corner cubby smooching and hugging.  It was very sweet.  I don’t think his teachers believed he was aware or could comprehend his last day but from the looks of he and Meg–I would most definitely disagree!  I had worked that day and Kevin forgot all the bracelets I had knit and the cards I had written.  Sigh.

Thank you all for your kind and supportive words regarding my last post.  Change is hard.  I haven’t responded to the majority of the emails because life is insane!  But please know that I truly appreciate each and every one of them.  The wisdom gained from knit blogging about all things other than knitting continues to astound me.  Hugs.


9 Responses to “Thwarted…”

  1. Nancy Says:

    I love that bag. I bet the purple is way better than that pea green too.

    Sorry about the husband faux pas on the bracelets. They do stuff like that all the time, don’t they;)

  2. Vicki Says:

    Oh, I love that little bag, too! I don’t even like bags that much…

    I hope Cameron gets a little relief and you can all get a little bit of fun in yet this week!

  3. Orli Says:

    ooh, I love that bag…I get the free newsletter and saved that pattern…it just seems wierd to me to make a bag from Alpaca…because it’s normally expensive…i’m also one of those ppl that hogs bags but always uses the same old one…
    You could try using the yarn for pattern from OneSkein…they have all sorts of cute ideas.

  4. margene Says:

    Thwarting happens on a regular basis. Hope Cam feels better quickly!!

  5. Tish Says:

    I also love Handpainted Yarn. I’ve used a ton of it from my stash making Dulaan hats (trying out patterns to see which ones my kids will wear- I now know what I need to knit for fall!) and have ummm… maybe a small order on the way. I remember when we were packing out of our house in Alaska and I trekked down to the end of our road to wait for the school bus to drop off my kindergartener. I had the end of school gifts (small wall quilts) almost finished and laid out on the ironing board with a huge “DO NOT PACK” scrawled in red marker on printer paper pinned to the ironing board and a hurried “don’t let them pack that” to my husband on the way out the door. Sure enough, I came back 20 min later and the whole room was in boxes- except for the now empty ironing board. I mailed the teacher gifts when we unpacked the boxes a month later in NY. 🙂 Hope Cam is feeling better.

  6. Angi Says:

    The bag pattern is beautiful! I hope Cameron is feeling better now. I put pics of the beginnings of the spindle and needles if you’re interested.

  7. Samantha Says:

    I’m glad Owen’s move went well. It sounds like he is quite smitten with Meg. That’s sweet. 🙂

    The bag is really cute. I love buttery yarn. It’s so soft and lovely … enjoy knitting the bag. 🙂

  8. Uli Says:

    I hope all is going well for you and Owen. Transitions are hard. Even our little one is facing a transition as she won’t be seeing her friends at daycare any longer and will be home with me full time for August and then Kindergarten in September. We’re going through ups and downs….

    I love those bracelets and funny I should come visit today because I just have a shopping cart sitting open for those same bracelets as I stumbled upon them before I saw yours as I was looking for some beads for a lacy stole. Now that I see yours, I’m definitely going to try.

    Take care

  9. Chris Says:

    Do not reply to this message, this comment is a reply to your comment. See how bad it could get. We would just be replying to each comment, back and forth, until we forgot what the original comment was.
    Hope today finds life on an even keel for you. Somedays that’s all we can hope for.

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