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A weeks worth of photos in my camera July 20, 2006

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But at the rate that I blog–I think I can probably drag it out a month. 

Field_trip_with_granny_to_kfi_3 Tuesday started out with me sick as a dog.  Granny arrived just after 11am.  We put her walker in the car and hit the road.  I sipped Ginger Ale as we looked over KFI’s latest offerings.  Granny picked up a couple of new yarns–Debbie Bliss’s Pure Cashmere and Noro’s new Cashmere Island.  Cashmere Island looks a lot like Kureyon–except it’s skanked and you want to smush it up against your face.  I don’t know anyone who likes to smush Kureyon.  There was a new Sirdar yarn too, Click, for the acrylic fans.  The pattern support was good for that yarn.

After perusing the yarns and lunch for Granny and her rep–it was off to the warehouse!  It wasWheres_my_white_snuggly  hotter than hell but impressive nonetheless.  I was too miserable to consider any shopping besides…I am still in the Summer of Stash.  It was pretty cool to Granny_admiring_the_noro see how they pick the orders and pack them up.  It is safe to say that their back room is bigger than Granny’s!  Amazing too, was the Noro aisle and just how empty it was.

Overall, it was a good field trip.  I just wish I had felt better.  No doubt it was better for my wallet that I was queasy.



8 Responses to “A weeks worth of photos in my camera”

  1. Nancy Says:

    It’s the freakin’ heat. I was queasy for the first two days of the week too but yesterday suddenly I was feeling better and today I feel great.

    I hate the heat, I’m moving to Iceland;)

    That warehouse is so cool, what a great field trip. Sorry you weren’t feeling well enough to really enjoy it.

  2. ann Says:

    what’s up with Bloglines?! how have I missed these pics? ergh.

    oh well —- that warehouse looks like Nirvana! such great pictures of you and Granny! I am sorry to hear that you were under the weather and I agree with Nancy’s expert medical opinion. It’s the heat.

    I am having a perfectly miserable time here at the horse show. Horse is being a bastard and it’s too hot to knit. My sweaty palms are messing up my gauge. gah!

  3. Angi Says:

    I’m sorry you felt bad. What a great place that is! Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. margene Says:

    Bloglines, DARN YOU!

  5. Kris Says:

    Those photos are about to give me heart palpitations! The yarn…. yummy.

    Granny is a cutie. She looks pretty spry.

    Hope you’re feeling better.

  6. margene Says:

    You and Granny are so cute together. Hope you are having a great Birthday, grrlfriend.

  7. Jackie Says:

    What fun! You both look so happy. Who did you meet with at the warehouse? It’s got to be a much nicer way to order than the rep coming to you.

    Happy Birthday, Katy!!

  8. Orli Says:

    oh my g-d. how many ship does it take to make SO MUCH YARN. I’ve never seen something like it. Must get to go Yarn shopping in the U.S. of A.
    I trust you are feeling better now. Nasty viruses are all over, both Gil and I have had colds and Ed…he’s been having a tummy virus for 10 days now.
    as for Summer of Stash…hell for me it’s almost thew hole year round.

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