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Bl0om where you are planted July 31, 2006

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I didn’t realize that was a biblical quote–that coming from a theology major.  Oh well–I actually preferred the Christian Old Testament.  I was referring to a piece of counted cross stitch that has had my eye.  With all this interest in counted cross stitch of late–I wonder if it has anything to do with my Summer of Stash.  No new yarn to buy–how about cross stitch?  Not that there hasn’t been a slip but photos of that to come and I don’t plan to start knitting it until the Fall.

Life has been so chaotic and busy.  Entries have been planned in my head then things like kids and work and flat tires get in the way.  Yea, a flat tire.  I found that when I was picking Owen up from his respite program.  The upside of the whole tire thing was the Homegoods next to Birthday_and_knitting_005 Costco.  Oh yeah baby!  I got my chaise.  While red is not my favorite color–it coordinates nicely with our room and the price was right.  Oh, and it is comfortable too!  I am already creating a mess right next to it.

Birthday_and_knitting_001 In other exciting but old birthday news, Kevin made me a pie.  He had it in his head to whip up a fabulous birthday dinner for me last Sunday and I had forgotten to tell him my mom was having a birthday BBQ for my sister and I.  He was so cute on the phone with my mom, "But I was going to make a pie…"  A pie.  I don’t know where he came up with that but  nagged him all week about the pie.  Yesterday he made a delicious pie with chocolate pudding, cream cheese and toffee bits.  Yum.   

Last, I have been meaning to post a couple of pictures of my mom’s latest knitting creation.  Are these not gorgeous?Selbu_mitten_1Selbu_1 Miniatures_1 The miniatures are old but always amazing.


11 Responses to “Bl0om where you are planted”

  1. Carole Says:

    I love your red chaise! Of course, red IS my favorite color. But it looks so comfy and I’ll bet it’s a great spot for knitting, reading and relaxing.

  2. Danielle Says:

    Love the new chair. Hope you get to do lots of knitting in it 🙂

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Love that homegoods! I wish you many relaxing hours in that beautiful chair. And wow, mom is some knitter!

  4. Karen Says:

    Your chaise is beautiful. I love the red and the pillow looks wonderful too.
    The pie looks yummy!
    Your mother’s knitting is amazing!

  5. Nancy Says:

    I love that chair. I know where I’m sitting next time I visit;)

  6. Chris Says:

    Happy birthday to you and your sister in case I didn’t already say so. Thanks for the wishes for Younger. She was so cute this past weekend. Each new outfit she got was her favorite. I think she was able to fit in wearing each of them too. She still has a celebration with all of the family in August, when we celebrate both of their birthdays. I wonder how many wardrobe changes that will be? Yummy pie! We have gone to ice cream and brownies for dessert. Cake just never got all eaten and character cakes are just too much anymore. Brownies? Cheap!!

  7. ann Says:

    I love the chaise – and red is my favorite! I forgot to ask you if they had more than one …..

    love that Kevin and his pie – I have to remember to tell Boar that all the cool husbands are baking pie.

  8. Norma Says:

    Oh, a RED chaise, even! I love it. Red IS my favorite color. Love Kevin and his pie and love your mom’s mittens. Gorgeous!

  9. margene Says:

    Kevin is such a cool guy! The red chaise is so la-la chic-chic. Enjoy it! Your mother is so talented with needles. The miniatures and the new mittens are fabulous!

  10. Orli Says:

    Oh dear…I messed up, didn’t I…HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. The pie sounds lovely.
    Your chaise looks lovely also, I suppose you could always get a slip cover for it if you got fed up with the red.
    Your mom’s work is outstanding. She’s very talented. The minatured can be made into earings, keychaines…

  11. Angi Says:

    I Love the chaise! Are those mittens or gloves? They’re amazing! Kevin’s a good guy! We prefer pie for birthdays here. I’m going to have to try the cream cheese and toffee bits topping on the next chocolate one.

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