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Rate of acquisition July 17, 2006

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Rate of acquisition can be used to describe many things…yarn, pattern comprehension, verbal skills.  Owen has mastered 2 new phrases quite quickly–"Go away!" and "Move!".  My rate of acquisition on yarn has been quite low.  I feel as though I am doing a pretty good job knitting what I have.  I can’t say I am "knitting through the stash" as I am not knitting all that much and therefore–not using much stash!  But what I am knitting is stash.  Except for bracelets.  And I recently acquired quite a few spools of kreinik to knit more.  (30 spools via eBay)

Leaf_lace_shawl As far as pattern acquistion, I am 10 rows forward 2 rows back.  Row 39, especially is killing me.  I get all set on the repeat and forget to do the middle/end chart.  Sometimes I am able to drop down and fix it.  Other times it just comes off the needles for a little ripping.

Tomorrow presents an opportunity to acquire yarn at a greatly discounted price.  Granny and I are going to Knitting Fever to see the new yarns.  This is kind of exciting…better than the rep coming to us. 


A bit of knit July 11, 2006

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Koigu_chevron_scarf_not_enough_yarn_1 Well I started a Chevron Scarf using Koigu from my stash.  I couldn’t find two contrasting colors that I liked together so I decided to use one very bright color that I bought online.  As I was chatting with my mother this morning she remembered the pattern called for two skeins of each color.  Doh!  A yarn waster, really, probably why neither of us ever knit this before.  Thank goodness she has a ridiculously large stash of Koigu.  I can probably find something to coordinate.  Or perhaps back to the drawing board.  This was meant to be a donation for my friend’s organization Take Back the News.  They are having an art benefit and are looking for donations.  Perhaps a bracelet instead…

Speaking of bracelets…I am nearly finished with my second to last for Owen’s teachers.  I just Crappy_picture love this one in goregous browns.  Sometimes they are difficult to give away (and photograph).  Owen had a great first day at school.  The bus driver is very nice.  Owen is a bit reluctant to go to school but I can’t blame him–he had a pretty nice vacation last week–despite the incident at Splish Splash.  As always, thanks for your words of wisdom and kindness.


Poor, neglected blog July 10, 2006

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It’s like I have nothing to feed it.  Knitting has been infrequent.  The yellow 501 remains unfrogged and uncertain what to do with itself.  I ran out of beads on a pulsewarmer (after I finally got the chart from my mom) and the other pulsewarmer isn’t doing it for me.  Granny says the yarn looks dingy. 

I nearly blogged last night as I couldn’t sleep.  I have been tossing and turning and wrestling internally with an incident with Owen.  We went to Splish Splash on late Saturday afternoon.  Owen had been there once before with Kevin and loved it.  The other two had been there a couple of times  too.  This was my first trip.  The smile on Owen’s face couldn’t have been stretched any bigger.  He loved the double tube and even the big family tube.  He’s a fabulous swimmer so we tried him out on one where you shoot out into a 10 ft. deep pool.  He liked the slide but the drop scared him a bit so it was back to the safety and fun of his beloved double tube.  Kevin took the other two kids on the newest attraction.  After several runs down his beloved ride we went looking for the rest of the family.  Since I could see they were still on line I decided to venture on a new slide with Owen.  It was tubeless–like the other–but the water was shallow at the bottom.  After I got Owen situated on his slide I went to go on the one next to it–only to be cut by an older woman–in her 50’s!  Owen was gone.  The woman got to the bottom and panicked and had to be "rescued".  The lifeguard at the top, one of their foreign employees, would not let me go–they stopped the ride.    Owen was down there–alone.  My stomach still flutters when I think of him down there and me screaming and considering punching the lifeguard.  He didn’t understand autism.  He couldn’t understand that my son couldn’t speak.  It felt like an eternity until they finally let me go.  Owen only wandered like 10 ft. away…but the look on his face as I stood up there and he looked all around for me.  I felt as though I had betrayed his faith in me.  I am supposed to take care of him. 

On the other ride, Kevin and Gracie went first and met Owen after his turn.  I had no business doing this on my own with Owen.  Live and learn.  If that old lady hadn’t cut it wouldn’t have happened.  But still it haunts me.  Park attendents did come but really had little sympathy for the situation.  Park rules state children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.  They didn’t let me accompany my son.  Ugh.  It is still just so upsetting.


Thwarted… July 5, 2006

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in my attempts to use stash yarn.  I started a little baby sweater using an old EZ/Meg pattern from Vogue and it just isn’t working with my 501 yarn.  And from the looks of that shade card–my yellow is discontinued.  What to do with just over 500 yards of DK.

My second attempt was to get back to pulsewarmers.  First attempt, chart is lost.  Oh mom…can I please have a copy of the ladies enjoying themselves pulsewarmers?  And no needles available for the other pair.  How many size 0’s should one have in their possession?

Brea_berroco_bag I have been working on a cute bag for the shop.  I am using a purple and the yarn is just heaven to work with.  I have knit with plenty of alpaca but this just feels so smooth going through my fingers.  I have had one other experience like that…that buttery feeling…Handpainted Yarns.

We have been enjoying have Kevin at home.  Lots of little projects are being done around the house.  Unfortunately not as much fun as we hoped–Cameron is wheezing something fierce.  Our doctor’s office is closed till tomorrow.  He hasn’t wheezed like this since he was a baby in London and they called him a "Happy Wheezer".  He’s an unhappy wheezer right now.

Moving Owen out on Friday went quite smoothly.  I had told him he would be saying goodbye to his teachers and friends.  He repeated me as we went through the names, "Bye Raine, bye Kim, bye Meg…"  Well he took his goodbye to Meg quite seriously.  When I arrived to pick him up I was told he and Meg had been affectionate all day long hugging and holding hands.  Sure enough, I saw them sitting in a little corner cubby smooching and hugging.  It was very sweet.  I don’t think his teachers believed he was aware or could comprehend his last day but from the looks of he and Meg–I would most definitely disagree!  I had worked that day and Kevin forgot all the bracelets I had knit and the cards I had written.  Sigh.

Thank you all for your kind and supportive words regarding my last post.  Change is hard.  I haven’t responded to the majority of the emails because life is insane!  But please know that I truly appreciate each and every one of them.  The wisdom gained from knit blogging about all things other than knitting continues to astound me.  Hugs.