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August 18, 2006

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Stuck home with Mom–Send bagels!Aquarium_and_life_in_august_008

Seriously, Owen and I are home alone this weekend.  Kevin and the other two are off to a christening in MD for his brother’s son.  John will be wearing the christening outfit both Cameron and Owen wore.  We bought it for Cameron at Harrods when we were living in London.  It is simply beautiful.  Maybe I will be able to dig up a picture.

Ralphy Baby–the yarn rep from Plymouth–came today.  He is such a sweet guy and it is always fun to have him in the shop.  It was also the Guild day so it was nice to introduce him to the ladies.  They have some nice new patterns at Plymouth.  Has anyone tried their new Speedway Needles?  Gee, they aren’t even on the website.

Knitpicks, I suppose,  has cornered the market on new needles.  I sure do want to give them a try.  I especially want this!  My mom has it on good authority (her friend Catherine) that Knitpicks needles are very nice!  Can they replace beloved Addis?