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Gloria–I think I’ve got your number August 23, 2006

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Aquarium_and_life_in_august_3 Ever since seeing this post–I’ve had some serious Gloria envy!  When the majority of Granny’s Silk Garden order arrived (today), I knew #239 would be glorious with the Robin’s Egg Blue Cashmerino I have been eyeballing forever.  The colors are really outside my usual knitting color range but one of my favorite blues. 

I also brought home some of DB’s Pure Cashmere to whip up a little lace scarf for the shop.  Samples are always good for home project avoidance. 

Owen has just 2 days left of his school year.  But his respite program is going on two field trips on Monday and Tuesday.  Monday is the aquarium and Tuesday Fun4All–a gym type of place.  Owen is a real skutch at the aquarium–he can find the elevator from anywhere!  And has since he was able to walk.  I am not going there but was chosen from the hat to accompany them on Tuesday.  It should be fun!  He gave me 45 minutes worth of business this morning because I gave him a sesame bagel (we were out of everything).  C’mon…

Two more weeks and they will all go back to school.  The summer went by far too quickly.  What do you all think of those colors for Gloria?


8 Responses to “Gloria–I think I’ve got your number”

  1. margene Says:

    LOVE IT! It’s so different and will look great with the Noro. That blue can be dressed up or down, too. Go for it! Gloria is a very quick knit so you can SO do it! (By Rhinebeck?)

  2. Norma Says:

    Me too, LOVE IT! It will be lovely! I’m loving Margene’s original post — I had forgotten about it.

  3. Kim Says:

    Puuuurrrrrfect, Katy! Those colors will be so beautiful on you! Darn it, lucky Margene & Norma will get to see you at Rhinebeck! Give them both a big hug for me, ‘k? 🙂

    You’re right–summer has gone by WAY too fast. And the older the kids become, the faster it goes, doggone it.

  4. Vicki Says:

    Oh, I like that sweater… colors are wonderful! Dang, I’d better get back to work on Fib, too, the clock is tickin’!

  5. Maryann Says:

    Wow! Is Owen in extended school year? That’s an amazingly long esy. The esy here is only four weeks long. Monday! Monday! E. starts Kinder. Monday! Whee!

  6. Nancy Says:

    I love the blues. It will look fantastic with jeans and great with anything else too.

    I’m trying to finish Gyrid for Rhinebeck, think you can finish Gloria in time?

    A sesame bagel, what are you some kind of savage;)

  7. Orli Says:

    Okay, i’m reading in reverse…i like the colors.
    This whole year has just flown by.
    I wanted to post last year about my trip to England but never got around to it…so I thought I’ll post on the year to the day…but I missed that also…sheesh

  8. Orli Says:

    LOL, I love when Gil does that…

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