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Even my mom is asking… September 12, 2006

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When are you going to blog?

This is a knitting blog and I just haven’t accomplished much knitting wise.  I have, however, gotten three kids successfully back to school, cleaned my whole house, masses of laundry (wash, dry, fold and put away), reorganized all my pots and pans, Corningware, mixing bowWhat_was_i_thinkingls and cake pans and knit another bracelet.  My MIL requested a bracelet like the one my mom knit me. I have yet another bracelet to make for Owen’s home teacher who has been with us over 3 years.  I am so freaking braceleted out!  So, what was I thinking when I bought this on eBay?

September 11th came and went.  It didn’t hit me as hard as it has the past years.  I am not sure why.  Perhaps because Kevin held it together better this year than others.  I don’t know.  We watched the program on the children of 9-11 and I just felt so grateful that Kevin made it out alive.  A friend of mine from Owen’s school is a widow now 4 years (her husband died of cancer) and her son is 6 like mine.  He is lower functioning than Owen.  My heart breaks for her.  I have felt a deeper appreciation for all that Kevin is and what he does for me and our kids.  I don’t think I could do this alone.  I know they say you find strength where you didn’t know you had it.  A lot of my strength comes from–this sounds sappy even to me–the love and friendship and laughter we share. 

Tomorrow is the anniversary–10 years–of a pregnancy we lost.  That nearly destroyed me and our marriage.  Against all odds and in good times and bad…I love him.  And he makes me laugh.

Wishing peaceful thoughts to all today.


18 Responses to “Even my mom is asking…”

  1. Jen Says:

    You seem to be going from strengtht to strength as each day passes! Yeah, you rock as a mother and wife. I bet you even smile more these days. I’m happy for you.

  2. Vicki Says:

    Aw, Katy, what a sweet and tender post. No doubt, he feels the same.

  3. Chris Says:

    I too lost a baby, so I feel your pain. It’s also been 10 years this past April. For me it’s the thought that we wouldn’t have Younger if that pregnancy had come to fruition, we only wanted 2 kids. So I console myself that I would have missed this special child if things were different. I worry myself with the thought it could have been a boy (it was too soon to tell gender). But Phil is happy with his 2 girls, so it’s a worry that need not fill my life.
    Hope the day goes well for you.

  4. Norma Says:

    That is just beautiful. Hugs, Katy.

  5. Carole Says:

    Hey there, sweet Katie. I’m glad Sept 11 passed for you and hope that you find peace in your memories of today, too. Give that husband of yours a loving and tender hug.

  6. margene Says:

    To know you have been through the worst of times together, shared a common history and come out of the fire forged like steel, is to know you have found the perfect mate.
    Soon I can give you hug in person that I feel the need for right now;-)

  7. Kris Says:

    Great post. Hugs!

  8. ann Says:

    I am going to call you and tease you for being such a mush!

  9. Stephanie Says:

    It was a quiet day around the city yesterday, seems everyone was reflecting on the day. Sounds like you two have been through alot together, I know what that’s like…I look back to when we first met and how very different we were. Life sure can throw some doozies at you, huh?

  10. Nancy J Says:

    I lost a baby, too… The love and laughter are really the most important in a relationship. Must be fall housecleaning time, seems many of us are trying to do that. (washing the negatives down the drain.)

  11. michele Says:

    Yes, a great post and big hugs.

  12. sUsAn Says:

    Hugs, Katy. I’m thinking of you.

  13. Nancy Says:

    That Kevin, he’s a keeper:D

    I lost a baby too and it really helps to have a supportive and caring partner to help get you through it.

  14. Donna Says:

    And peaceful thoughts back at you 🙂

  15. Orli Says:

    That’s a lovely bracelet, I my self am baby-knitted out…but I do need to finish the cardigan I started for a collegues dauther and I think i’m making it too small…[sigh]
    We were watching some 9-11 related documentries on TV, can’t belive it’s been 5 years. Seems the price is still being paid, a lot of people who were there helping are now suffering from raspitory illnesses related to the dust that was in the air there. I didn’t realize Kevin was in the area when this happend, I’m so glad he came back home safe and sound.

  16. Orli Says:

    I seems I only rad 2/3rd of the post…doh.
    Anyway, I’m sorry you lost a pg 10 years ago, I’m sure that is aweful.
    I think that laughter is a key ingridient to a succesful relationship.

  17. Angi Says:

    I have no words. Just hugs and peaceful thoughts for you and your family. Blessings to you and yours.

  18. Samantha Says:

    Katy, thank you. The squares you knit for Annette’s blanket arrived today. They are great!

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