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A few wips October 31, 2006

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A_few_things_on_the_needle_1 Taking it from the top.  Birds Nest Shawl from Folk Shawls using the big hank of small yarn from Mohair in Motion.  I wound the ball at my mother’s house using her new ball winder.  All I want to say about that experience is "sh*t".  See those two balls?  The first one was crazy tight and the second just a disaster.  I am forging ahead except my cable cast on was ugly and my long tail was too tight.  Argh.

Second is a vest for Gracie in a Patons pattern.  Not all that impressed with SWS (way too many knots), I am using Needful Yarn’s Joy.  Gracie loves it even though the stripes don’t match–she doesn’t want them too so I am trying to be Zen about it.  😉

Third is a simple baby blanket from the Debbie Bliss book Simply Baby.  I don’t really like the pattern but I am using stash yarn Filatura di Crosa’s 501.  It may have to go to the chopping block.

Fourth, is my planning stages for the Skaska laceweight I bought up at Rhinebeck.  I am considering the  Cobweb Lace Wrap from Shetland Lace by Gladys Amedro.  How lucky am I to have such a fabulous knitting library at my fingertips!  A picture of the shawl knitted can be seen here.

What I accidentally cropped is a pair of  Fetching needing thumbs and another ball of yarn.

And that is just a fraction of what is on the needles.  Must finish more and start less.


Quick, slippery and smelly October 26, 2006

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Before I head out I wanted to shout out just how wonderful Blessed Juno soaps are.  They arrived yesterday and I am in love!  Admittedly, I bought soap at Rhinebeck as well.  But it pales in comparison to Laurie’s soap.  The smell, the texture, the size and the price.  Plus it’s a good cause



Just what I needed October 23, 2006

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My goodness, what a wonderful weekend.  My mom and I picked up Nancy and Maribel in the Bronx on Saturday morning.  We got a wee bit lost but those directions–can someone tell me what a "spriral" is?  But it was all worth it to meet Nancy’s new cat Hero.  Goregous!

The drive up was fun.  We listened to Cara’s CD that I picked up at Ann’s house on Friday.  I was getting a Vicki sneak preview.  I have to say, some of the most fun I had this weekend was chatting in the car.  Lots of laughter, with conversation topics spread from here to there!  The Vicki festival was so crowded on Saturday and as it is a bit more condensed than Marlyand–it was overwhelming. 

I can’t even begin to tell you how frequently I ran into Jody, Christy and the other Jody.  It was practically comical.  I am trying to convince them to come out for a Long Island get together.  C’mon girls–what do you think?  But I want Michelle to come too.  My mom thoroughly enjoyed the company of my blog friends as well.  After an interesting conversation with Cara regarding fair isle she even proposed a "class" at my house.  Anyone interested?  I wore my favorite AS sweater to the festival and was stopped time after time.  As was my mom in her Cold Duck.

Margene One of the highlights for me was, of course, meeting Margene.  It was far too brief but wonderful just the same.  Friends snapped a cute picture of my mom, Margene and I in our AS designs.  I can’t wait to see it.  Sure, I should Knitting_in_the_lobby_1have handed my camera over but I am not that smart. 

Nancy and Maribel (and mom too)  thanks for a wonderful weekend. 

And now for the goods…a huge skein of laceweight from Mohair in Motion.  Rhinebeck_stuff_1 They weren’t very informative and there wasn’t a tag.  As told by the owners–it’s wool, fine and a lot of it.  A sheepy sign.  A punch needle crow kit.  More laceweight from Skaska Designs.  A bit of handspun, hand dyed angora to make some handwarmers for Gracie.  And finally some Brooks Farm sock weight yarn. 


Toying with a title October 20, 2006

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I can’t believe Rhinebeck is tomorrow.  Nancy, I am sorry I haven’t called.  Email me directions–we are coming to get you.  Finally meeting Margene.  And reconnecting with old friends.  QT with my mom.  It’s all good, right?

There is, however, the problem of life.  The regular, plain old, non fibery-fun life.  I haven’t responded to emails but  I have read them and appreciated all of the input.  Cameron, however, overwhelms my thoughts.  And moods.  I am so appreciative to be coasting on Owen’s successes.  Gracie–she finally seems to fit in.  Good for her but…but what?  Just good for her.  We can’t all be an individual all of the time.  And fitting in is comfortable.  Right?

In my knitting, I am starting one project after another.  It’s not with any excitement.  Just a bit of discontent.  Nothing is inspiring me.  Which probably means I should pick up St. Brigid. 

Looking forward to seeing friends at Rhinebeck.  Have a wonderful weekend. 


Positive thoughts and bad kharma October 12, 2006

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Can those two thoughts really exist in one title or one thought?  Thank you all for the positive thoughts on Cameron’s meeting.  If it were enough to adore and wish Cameron well–he would be a straight A student.  However, he is struggling so much with the 3rd grade curriculum.  I know they say there is a big change in 3rd but things that were just a brief one week lesson in 2nd grade are now expected weekly.  Verb, noun, adjective identification was one short lesson last year.  Now he must identify them in his spelling list each week.  Vocabulary confounds me!  It is lesson based but should Cameron really know the various parts of a crayfish.  I don’t know the thorax from the abdomen.  Are his classmates really using "appendage" in sentences?  Regularly?  I know his teachers want what is best for him but the head of special education things he should go to a self-contained placement if this current class isn’t appropriate.  I will fight to get him into the inclusion class using my favorite "Least Restrictive Environment" argument–LRE!  I live by it.

You know though…I am tired of fighting.  I guess we all have our challenges in life, the battles we must face.  I would just prefer it to be my battles and not my children.  You know, leave them out of it.  What’s makes us stronger…blah blah blah.  Kevin described our relationship as a "train wreck" last week.  It’s funny that is the phrase that started our course.  I wonder if we were, perhaps, two ships that should have passed in the night rather than colliding head on.  But, if I am in this fight, I am so glad to be standing beside him.

Anyway, more testing for Cameron. WISC II, Vineland and a neuropsych.  To be continued, I suppose.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         



Leaf Lace Shawl October 10, 2006

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Leaf_lace_2006_1 Leaf Lace Shawl is finished.  I guess I started it over a year ago but was too tight when using the size 5 needle called for.  I changed to a US 7 and was much happier with the results.  It is knit in Grayce’s Pure and Fancy laceweight wool–a gift from Margene.   My photographer was a bit uncooperative and I was trying to minimize…um, the mess (and my butt).  I love this shawl.  It was a very easy knit and the pattern pretty easy to memorize at times.  It is soft and cozy and I love to throw it over my shoulders when I am sitting on the couch or my chaise. 

We survived yet another 3 day weekend.  Owen and I spent it with his friends and their moms.  Nothing was destroyed in the process.  I left Cameron at my sister’s house so he didn’t have to put up with the boy who clobbered him last week.  Poor Cameron continues to struggle at school.  We have a meeting on Thursday.  Kevin will attend also.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Please. 

Oh…I had 875 yards so I added a couple of extra repeats and I love the overall size.


Appreciating what you have October 3, 2006

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Yesterday I invited my autism mom’s over for lunch.  It was just meant to be one mom but when I heard another mom in the program was having work done on her house and the front door being left open all day…I told another friend to invite her along.  So, we had 5 kids with autism (that mom with the work being done has two on the spectrum) and 5 "neurotypical" kids.  Outside everything was fine–for the most part.  Poor Cameron got knocked around a bit and the gerbil was terrorized.  As were the fish…Mickey Mouse and Woody went for a swim.  The worst of it was the kid who dumped a bottle of laundry detergent on my hardwood floors and painted my shower with toothpaste.   Nobody is sure how he got upstairs.  We were just bringing the plates and stuff in the house.  I guess I should have just cleaned up on my own. 

Afterwards, Gracie said to me, "Mom, I didn’t realize Owen was so good."  And it’s true.  You think you have it bad or tough until you meet someone else who has it tougher.  I know this–really I do…at least most of the time.  But it was good for Gracie and Cameron to see.  It is not easy growing up with a sibling with a disability but I am so proud of the tolerant and understanding people my children are becomingSept_knits


Here is the picture I couldn’t upload last week.  The Leaf Lace Shawl on top living on the edge of yardage for the scalloped edging…will I have enough yarn to finish?  The lovely Fleece Artist mohair from Chris.  Yum!  And my needlepoint made into a pillow. 

Sws_multi_scarves Multidirectional scarves done in Patons SWS.  I love the colors.  Red is for the Red Scarf Orphan project and the pink is a Christmas gift for Owen’s home teacher.  No last minute Christmas knitting this year!

Off to the stupidmarket.  Have a great day.