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Appreciating what you have October 3, 2006

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Yesterday I invited my autism mom’s over for lunch.  It was just meant to be one mom but when I heard another mom in the program was having work done on her house and the front door being left open all day…I told another friend to invite her along.  So, we had 5 kids with autism (that mom with the work being done has two on the spectrum) and 5 "neurotypical" kids.  Outside everything was fine–for the most part.  Poor Cameron got knocked around a bit and the gerbil was terrorized.  As were the fish…Mickey Mouse and Woody went for a swim.  The worst of it was the kid who dumped a bottle of laundry detergent on my hardwood floors and painted my shower with toothpaste.   Nobody is sure how he got upstairs.  We were just bringing the plates and stuff in the house.  I guess I should have just cleaned up on my own. 

Afterwards, Gracie said to me, "Mom, I didn’t realize Owen was so good."  And it’s true.  You think you have it bad or tough until you meet someone else who has it tougher.  I know this–really I do…at least most of the time.  But it was good for Gracie and Cameron to see.  It is not easy growing up with a sibling with a disability but I am so proud of the tolerant and understanding people my children are becomingSept_knits


Here is the picture I couldn’t upload last week.  The Leaf Lace Shawl on top living on the edge of yardage for the scalloped edging…will I have enough yarn to finish?  The lovely Fleece Artist mohair from Chris.  Yum!  And my needlepoint made into a pillow. 

Sws_multi_scarves Multidirectional scarves done in Patons SWS.  I love the colors.  Red is for the Red Scarf Orphan project and the pink is a Christmas gift for Owen’s home teacher.  No last minute Christmas knitting this year!

Off to the stupidmarket.  Have a great day.


10 Responses to “Appreciating what you have”

  1. Carole Says:

    Tolerance is such an important thing to teach our children. Yours are learning that first hand and I’m sure the life lessons they’re getting will be invaluable to them.

  2. margene Says:

    Your shawl is looking great! You’ll surely be wearing it for Rhinebeck. Love the needlepoint and both scarves, too. Nice work, Katy.
    Your children will be miles ahead in generosity of spirit and empathy for others. You’re a great mom.

  3. Norma Says:

    That is such a truism, and it really is one of the best things about my job, too — every day I hear about the misery and misfortune of others, and it’s so much higher on the spectrum than mine — or at least I choose to see it that way. Also, I sometimes get damn sick of the whining, if I must be perfectly honest, because some people just don’t see the big picture and/or they’re out to “get” the system. It helps me to appreciate what I have and to not sweat the small stuff.

    Love the scarves and the shawl! I’m stealing the lovely red scarf picture for the Red Scarf Gallery. Hope you don’t mind….

  4. Kathy Says:

    You model caring and compassion every day for them. Love the scarves — how many skeins are you using?

  5. Mary Beth Says:

    Amazing when one child appreciates their sibling…so special. Makes us realize that they love each other, which we know but rarely reflect on (or see evidence of). Great post!

  6. Orli Says:

    Okay, so 1st of what is “neurotypical”?
    The Multidirectional scarf – both are gorgeous!!! The Leaf Lace Shawl is looking lovely to. I’m stuck in sleeve island on the baby cardi,…if I don’t finish soon it will not fit the baby.
    FYI, I think next time you should just close the doors to the rooms you don’t want entered. Will it leave a mark on the hardwood?

  7. Orli Says:

    your kids sound like great kids that will make really nice growups.

  8. sUsAn Says:

    What an adventurous day you all had! Gracie is wise. 🙂 Great scarves! I just started a multidirectional last night with some Patons in forest (green and two browns)…not sure who it’s for but couldn’t resist the yarn.

  9. Stephanie Says:

    Sometimes you need those moments to put things in perspective. Those scarves look really great, I’ve been searching for a good project to try out that SWS yarn.

  10. Rossana Says:

    Kudos to Gracie and Cameron for being sensitive and thoughtful of others with disabilities. Methinks there are some good role models in their lives.

    Your two multidirectional scarves are pretty gifts. I’m hoping to knit something for the Red Scarf Project, too. =)

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