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cruddy blogger to host contest November 29, 2006

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hoping to make up for lack of content


Living in Bizarro World November 21, 2006

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That’s what it felt like today.  We had Cameron’s IEP meeting and it just went–so bizarrely.  11 of us were in attendance.  Which, of course, included the principal and sped teacher from the class we visited on Friday.  I couldn’t even write about that.  It was just so disturbing.  Lovely teacher–great strategies.  However, it was a multi-aged class–Cameron would be the only 3rd grader with other 4th and 5th graders who ranged from mentally retarded to ADHD.  Cameron is not a behavioral kid.  He’s really a doll–and I am not just saying that ’cause I am his mom.  It wasn’t even remotely appropriate.  And, of course, the district refused to let us tour the integrated program.  I did tour a private school last week but at just over $11K–I am not sure we can swing that. 

At this time, Cameron is staying at his current placement and they have increased his speech to 5 times a week.  They say he has a severe communication disorder.  I don’t see it.  Really, I don’t.  Yea, he didn’t get "Button your lip" on his IQ test but who says that in this day and age.  And on his auditory processing test he couldn’t answer "A ball bounces because it…"  Even I had to ask.  The speech teacher says because it is round and it has air.  Well, the mirror on my wall is round and it won’t bounce.  A football isn’t round but it will bounce.  Maybe I am just too literal.  The only explanation they could come up with for why he scores so low on these tests is he must be brain damaged.  Or neurologically impaired.  HUH?  We were going in asking for an independent evaluation but the meeting just turned so bizzaro that we were dumbfounded. 

The reading teacher has been very encouraging.  She is a reading specialist with a real vested interest in beating odds.  It is nice to have her on Cameron’s side.  And his resource room teacher continues to find new tricks.  I am tired of fighting but grateful to have Kevin beside me.  It was our 13th wedding anniversary on Monday.  Despite the hardships, we love each other deeply and strongly.  And continue to rely on each other to make it through the challenges.  And always with a bit of laughter. 

The cast party went really well.  The kids were so well-behaved.  No complaints except they didn’t eat enough pizza! 

Knitting…work on the Shetland Triangle Shawl continues.  I am nearly ready to add my second ball of Naturespun.  Christmas gifts have begun for the teachers.  I am working on washcloths and Fetching mitts.  I plan to make a scarf of some sorts for the principal.  Seaman, maybe?

I will try to add some pics later…Thanks for listening and always the support and wisdom.


To blog or not to blog November 14, 2006

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Life, as usual, is chaotic.  But knitting has actually been plentiful.  Gracie’s vest is finished and she hates it.  I am working on the Shetland Triangle Shawl from Wrap Style and enjoying it’s simplicity.  My new needle from Knit Picks arrived and I love it.  The Options Set is on my Christmas list.  I might even ask for another magnetic chart keeper.  I love that too. 

Victorian Lace Today arrived with the needle and I like that a lot too.  I see several projects I Victorian_lace would like to make.  I have been on the fence about Arctic Lace.  On the one hand, I lived in Alaska–so the book interests me.  On the other hand, the patterns don’t look as exciting as I hoped.  My mothers library never ceases to amaze!  She showed me some of her very old books–including Lady’s Knitting, Netting & Crochet Book by Jane Gaugain from 1848.  It’s beautiful.

Thanks so much for all of the well wishes for Cameron’s conference.  Needless to say, it didn’t go well.  The district is still pushing to move him to a self-contained placement.  They refuse to let me even tour the inclusion class.  I have, of course, spent the day on the phone with a lawyer and various education bureaucrats from Albany to D.C.  Thursday I will be touring an accredited private school. 

Tonight is Gracie’s school play.  She has just a small role as an extra but seems happy enough.  I somehow agreed–Kevin too–to host the cast party Friday night.  A cast of 70 middle schoolers.  What were we thinking?


My mother is proud of me November 6, 2006

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Making_my_mother_proud Look what I did!  I am knitting Swell from the summer issue of Knitty.  I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am.  And my mom is too.  I am using Knitaly for the solid and Reynold’s Odyssey for the contrast.  It is meant to be for Owen’s I_can_do_it teacher although it seems a bit tight.  The inside looks pretty good too.

I got started–finally–on the Birds Nest Shawl.  It only took 4 hours to rewind the ball by hand.  NoteBirds_nest_shawl  the sarcasm.  I feel like it’s tight but it has a lot of give.  My mom looked at it today and said it was fine so I will forge ahead.

Parent teacher conferences for Cameron tonight.  Kevin is going.  I will stay home with Owen and the other two.  I did run into the reading teacher last week and she said he was coming along nicely.  And he got 102 on that crayfish test!