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Merry Christmas!! December 24, 2006

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                            Merry Christmas to all!


Getting a grip December 19, 2006

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I had a better title in my head but it slipped out.Xmas_knits06   Maybe it was the horrible photo I am sharing of my attempted Christmas knits.  I think I have 14 things I planned to knit.  8 are finished.  That’s not too bad.  2 are on the needles and could be finished today.  That leaves 4.  Doable?  I don’t know.  From the top and clockwise…Mulitdirectional scarf in SWS for Owen’s home teacher.  Ribbed Keyole Scarf in Artful Yarns Legend for Cam’s teacher.  A Silk Garden beanie for who knows–probably one of Owen’s teachers.  White Blizzard hat followed by a brown Blizzard hat on the needles.  Black Fetching mitts, next to Knitaly scarf for Cam’s principal.  Another pair of Fetching next to a Manos flap cap from Last Minute Knitted Gifts–it’s huge!!  Yet another Fetching and some beads on wire.  I am contemplating the votive sleeves for my MIL. 

To be quite honest, I hadn’t really thought about the number of knits till this morning.  I just wanted to knit a scarf for the principal and Owen’s teaching assistant who requested a flap hat.  But I have been knitting for so long for the teachers–I think they would be disappointed.  I am not even the people pleaser type.  I haven’t been thinking enough about the kids Christmas gifts either.  It might be the weather but I am just not feeling it.  I am more disorganized than I usually am.  Thank goodness Cameron and Gracie appreciate anything.  And Owen…well, I don’t even know what he thinks of Christmas. 

Must blog less–if that is even possible!!  And knit more!  MORE! 


And the winner is…. December 11, 2006

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Catherine!!  Congratulations to you!  Granny–that nut–wears size 10 Lollipops!Grannypants_1  Vicki asked how this ever came up in conversation…well, before Costa Rica I was shopping for some new knickers and other intimates.  Vict0ria Secret no longer cut it for me as I am an all cotton kinda girl.  It was at Lord and Taylor that I discovered underwear came in numerical sizes and not just S, M, and L.   Additionally, those numbers in no way corresponded to conventional clothing sizes.  Why did I discuss this with Granny?  I don’t know…she may have brought up the Lollipops first.  But size 10?  For goodness sake!  Those are some serious Granny pants!  No holds barred at my LYS.  She’s a goof ball and a good sport.  Thanks for playing everyone.  The answers were hysterical. 

Today was spent recovering from a bit of a cold and knitting on the couch while watching TV.  I blasted through a few Fetching mitts and finished a earflap hat for Owen’s teacher from Last Minute Knitted Gifts in Manos.  It seems a bit large…The garter rib scarf  I knit for the principal may get a trim–I think it’s too long.  But holiday knitting is progressing better than I thought. 

Hope you had a wonderful day.  ANd thanks again for playing my silly contest.


Finally posting and the contest December 5, 2006

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Where does the time go?  Certainly not to knitting.  Holiday knitting for teachers is not going Principal_scarf_and_shawl_1 well.  I am not feeling it.  Do you wonder why?  I don’t!  I did finish a scarf for the principal in Knitaly using a garter rib.  I think I overblocked it a bit.  Oh well.  And next to it is the Shetland Triangle I have been working on from Wrap Style.  It’s not exactly what I thought it would be but I like it.  I especially like Shetland_triangle_close_up the color–Nordic Blue.  Mmm…extreme color closeup. 

Other exciting news…I threw out every lifeline I could for Cameron and came back looking good.  We have an appt. with a developmental pediatrician–one of the best around–next month.  Thanks Peggy.  I spoke with a speech therapist we have used in the past and she is on the case as well.  We are discussing AIT over the Christmas break.  And, of course, Fast ForWord again in the summer.  I feel good about all the efforts I am making and having others make on his behalf.  I am way behind on responding to emails/comments and am sorry for that. 

Now, for the contest!  Laughter is a key ingredient in my life.  So, with that in mind– a silly contest.    What size underwear does Granny wear?  Granny is 5’1" and 107 lbs.  The prize is a goregous hank of Great Adirondack Silky Sock in the color Trillium.  360 yds of 70% merino superwash/20% silk/10% nylon.  An extra name in the hat if you can guess the brand.  🙂