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Running out February 20, 2007

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Gracie_and_faith_009 I’ve never run out of yarn…till yesterday.  I was modifying the size of the Shetland Triangle shawl–you know, subbing yarn and making it bigger.  I borrowed the book from the library so my calculations on repeats I thought I could get out of the yardage was done a while ago and I can’t find the first page of my copy–just the chart.  The second ball of Nature Spun fingering seemed to be going a long way.  I considered throwing a lifeline in but decided to fly by the seat of my pants.  Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.  I asked Kevin if he thought I should rip back or just buy another ball.  Nearly wrote "bawl".  He said buy another ball.  I will hit the yarn–nearly typed "yearn" shop after.  I don’t anticipate getting a second ball to be a problem.  I am 4 rows and a cast off away. 

We have also had a first with Owen.  His teacher is quitting.  This is the first time we have lost a teacher mid-year.  He has lost at least an assistant a year and a few changes in home staff but this is the first school teacher.  I can’t say I feel too badly about it.  This was her first year teaching and they are a challenging group.  I don’t think Owen cared for her all that well.  One of the assistants will be taking over and the coordinator having more input.  That’s fine by me.  The assistant is a man.  Always novel and fun in the special education dept.  Sadly, Owen doesn’t care for him these days but we can brush up on reinforcement, I think.  And the coordinator really knows her stuff. 

Thanks for the input on the meeting.  I have the name of a good lawyer.  I am in contact with a special ed teacher who is also a parent of a young man with autism.  And the resource room teacher and I are going to work on writing a grant for Fast Forword.

Better get to the shop.


5 Responses to “Running out”

  1. Kris Says:

    Sounds like you are feeling strong, determined, hopeful and prepared to fight if needed. Perfect! Good luck with writing the grant. I think if you do have to go to due process it will be a bit difficult for the school to say Fast ForWord isn’t needed or isn’t proven if they tried to participate in writing a grant for it. HAH!!!

    Brilliant move. If you get the grant then Cam wins because he gets the service. If you don’t get the grant and have to press forward Cam still wins because mom just proved to a due process judge that she is helping the district and that the district thinks FFW is a valuable resource. After all, they just tried to get a grant for it!


  2. Carole Says:

    I hate running out of yarn and it has happened more than I’d like to admit. Hope all turns out okay.

  3. Norma Says:

    Bummer about the yarn. It sounds like (as usual) you are in control about the education situation. Virtual hugs are being sent your way…. XOXO

  4. margene Says:

    After all that knitting you certainly must get more yarn!
    As usual you do, and know what to do, to make things right for your kids. Good luck with the grant!

  5. Orli Says:

    Good luck w/ all.

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