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February 23, 2007

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Two posts in one week.  What’s that about?

Well, I finished and blocked the Shetland Triangle shawl.  Why do I always want to type "trainangle"?  Could it be my train obsessed son?  Blocking didn’t go as smoothly as I hoped.  I was trying a technique new to me that I vaguely recalled reading on the Yarn Harlot’s blog with threading a line through the straight bits rather than using all of those pins.  Needless to say (wrote "needles" first–my dyslexia is raging on the keyboard), I had to spray and reblock the top.  Without the book and the first page of the photocopy, I kind of guessed on the blocking.  It’s a shawl afterall…perhaps my points aren’t pointy enough but I like it anyway.  Now, I just need someone to take a picture.

In a desperate attempt to knit on something else, I tore my room apart looking for the pattern for Gloria.  It must be at the shop.  I considered Lara but that is at the shop too.  I didn’t really want to start the Hex Coat without my friend Ann.  What to do?  St. Brigid.  Yup.  And I am using the cabling without a needle technique finally!  Thanks to Wendy’s video I can finally understand how to do it and I am very happy.  I cranked through another repeat and have 3 more to go on the front.  Then I think I will start a sleeve.  Shocking.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Cameron, Gracie and I are going to see Bridge to Terabithia.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to see it as it was one of my favorite books as a kid.  Heck, we even read it to Gracie in utero…but the reviews are good and the kids are delighted.

Oh yea…I have completed 5 of the 10 goals I listed for myself in January!


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  1. Carole Says:

    Way to go on those goals, Katy! Have fun at the movies.

  2. ann Says:

    you really didn’t have to wait for me, but I am glad to hear you are back to working on St. Brigid! ’07 will be its year for sure

  3. Vicki Says:

    I am glad you’re working on St. Brigid, too.
    ; )

  4. Orli Says:

    WOW 5 out of 10 is really good and it’s only February…
    “cabling without a needle technique finally” WOOT, Well done. It makes the process so much faster and fun, I totally didn’t like fumbling with the cable needle.

  5. Nancy Says:

    I love cabling without a needle. Makes the whole thing go so much faster.

    congrats on the goals, that’s very impressive.

    Did you catch the movie, what did you think? Avery didn’t like the book, he really doesn’t like stories that involve death unless it’s in some great heroic context;) I’ve never read it.

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